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  1. if you change the carb and inlet manifold to a post war one you will get nearly double the MPG.
  2. my Vac pac did not work so I gave it to Richard Farrant to recondition it for me, my brakes work very well now. :-D regards Graham
  3. my Grandfather had one of these water tanks and for many years it served as a TVO tank.
  4. it would be nice to view it and not have to buy Microsoft office 2010
  5. hi David, I have a pair of Goodyears as in your photos, they came off the late Cyril Groombridges Bedford OY as he managed to get a pair of NOS ones 2 yrs ago, I will not be fitting them to my OY as I am going to keep the Michelin Radials I have on the lorry, you can have the pair for £50. PM me if your interested. regards
  6. what a blast from the past, :wow: life is full of circles Snap, good to have you back. regards
  7. great restoration, glad to meet you at W+P in the queue to the arena.
  8. I did think about it but I don't think there are any spaces left, I have got the brakes sorted on the OY, the vacpac was seized up, RF sorted for me, he did your K6 as well. good luck
  9. you`ve got some bottle, not only driving it back 90 odd miles without a toolbox and now your off with it to Normandy, is it still in sand colour ? after banging my head numerous times on the RSJ are you taking it out for the trip ? regards
  10. by the looks of it you want to turn the rear wheels round as the they should be dished out, and will look a lot better, I had 1100x20 on mine instead of 900x 20 it looks a lot better with the bigger tyres. Loverly looking in sand like my old one was.
  11. and my old K6 Gantry has a new home in Essex, I agree its a loverly looking lorry, with leg room for someone who is 6ft, but I wished they made the windscreen higher as you stoop forward to look out, and the Gantry could do with a 7.5 litre engine :cool2:, where as my OY goes well but I need to be 5ft to fit in the cab. any pics of it ?.
  12. have any of you tried John Morter, as I have just brought the thumb eye on the end of the spring from him and an outer side panel spring, they were both NOS.
  13. lovely piece, amazing what you can still find in Barns.
  14. I gave up using grease buckets years ago, just use cartridges and buy yourself an Alemite Grease Gun, they are the best :-D regards
  15. make sure the plungers turned round from using cartridges and you`ll be fine Paul. :-Dregards
  16. hi paul, firstly you need to turn round the plunger rubber if its been used for cartridges and then suck it out of the tub like a syringe, then finish off with a spatula or piece of wood. :-Dregards
  17. why don't you just go and have a look at Brians trailer, simples :-D.
  18. i was begining to think you`d lost your touch mate, well done regards
  19. hi Ian, i have no idea, mine has been restored years ago, and after leaving the army in 1952 it spent the rest of its working life with the Dutch Firebrigade. :-D regards
  20. my OY`s serial number is OY31191 and the engine number is OX14160. regards
  21. hi Paul, when i was last down at sabre sales there was hundreds of them, but the i brought was dated 1945 and had a lining, i was told this was an officers one, i don`t know wether this is true. regards
  22. google Barn Paint made by Bedec, fantastic stuff, i have used it on wood, brick, concrete and galvanised steel, but when you use it on that let it weather for 6 months, i get mine from Brewers paint shops there are other outlets though regards
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