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  1. Bill You might find the attached of interest. It should be remembered that these were not necessarily impressed by the military, they could just as easily have been used by civilian A.R.P. organisations during the war. I would welcome any information you could find on their original owners. John Bus and Coach at auction.doc
  2. I have Austin chassis number 47122 as a K2/YV short wheelbase Towing Unit for the National Fire Service. It should never have been used by the military. John
  3. Here are those from a sale at Elstow in December 1950. Dusty Elstow Military December 1950.doc
  4. Hello Big_S These were at a Ministry of Supply sale at Elstow in April 1950, are they the sort of thing you are after? Dusty Elstow Military April 1950.doc
  5. The National Fire Service acquired a number of ex military Leyland Retrievers about 1944 on which their workshops built a variety of bodies, this one had a crane fitted and became a Breakdown Lorry. In 1948 it passed to the Birmingham Fire and Ambulance Service and it is interesting to see it still has their radio call-sign M2FB20 painted on the rear bulkhead. Dusty
  6. This came from HANSARD the offical report of debates in Parliament which are available on-line. Dusty
  7. In March 1946 in the Commons Mr. Attewell asked the Minister of Supply and of Aircraft Production if it is proposed to allow the sale in this country of a proportion of surplus Army stock of lightweight folding motor cycles, known as Welbike, to individuals desiring to purchase for their own use. Mr. Wilmot all surpluses so far declared have been disposed of to an export firm for re-sale to America. This transaction was particularly welcome in view of the urgent need for dollars. These machines could not in any case have been used on the roads in this country without considerable conversion
  8. Hello Jules The service number relates to a wholetime man in Fire Force 36 which had its headquarters in Ilford. As Walthamstow was in Fire Force 36 then almost certainly your man Mr. Hornett lived in Pearl Road during the War. As Walthamstow had its own fire brigade before the War it is possible Mr. Hornett may have been a fireman for some time and a look through the Walthamstow Council records might prove fruitful if you can access them. I'll keep looking for any other information but I don't hold out much hope. Dusty
  9. Hello Jules What is the service number please? Dusty
  10. Hello Jules The answer is probably no. Few fire service records exist from this time and even if they did they would probably be covered by the Data Protection Act. Names did appear in newspapers and if the person went on to gain promotion in a post-war brigade then it may be possible to find out a bit more information about them. Do you have a name and the rough area where they were stationed? If so I might be able to find something out about them but don't hold your breath. A list of NFS Area numbers are attached. Dusty Fire Force Areas.doc
  11. Many thanks for these Wally, they seem to be starting to sell more fire engines this month. Dusty
  12. Yes indeed Wally, especially Lot 1956. Thanks for these. Dusty
  13. Thanks for these two pages Wally. Where were they sold from please. Dusty
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