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  1. Spotted in Bromsgrove today (1st May 2019) Scammell Explorer on A38
  2. Photographs of this amazing collection of vehicles and Aircraft. Found by accident when driving north from Chicago last June. https://youtu.be/-OLM7c9ejrk
  3. Foxhound APCs Seen heading North on the M40 yesterday (11th March 2019) https://youtu.be/4BrsRokISGU
  4. I saw it heading south on the M40.... Looked like a M10 Achilles tank destroyer. Like this working one.. https://youtu.be/BryVJlp9m-s
  5. Filmed this morning... 14th March Something went wrong...
  6. Just been over to Witham SV to collect bits won at last tender.... these two CVRTs, not yet collected from the last Tender, looked menacing / sad ? in the mist. I was there two weeks ago and shot this video of all the vehicles at the tender... Something went wrong... Just the CVRTs... Something went wrong...
  7. Heading M42 Around J4 - select HD viewing option Something went wrong...
  8. Well I find it of interest !! TNT Truck with registration number "1 TNT" then a couple of mins later a British army Tank transporter (unlaiden) - Oshkosh M1070 HET Heavy Equipment Transporter. Both heading north on M42 07:40 hrs today - 3rd October 2012 Note... I did check the TNT Trucks front number plate ..it was 1 TNT (someone out there may be interested !!) " width="644" height="390">">Something went wrong... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG14u4vjHK0
  9. FV107 CVRT Scimitar and FV106 Samson 00GM22 on low loader 18.30hrs yesterday 20th Sept M4 westbound - turned off towards Windsor. Something went wrong...
  10. Thanks Andy... changes made. Paul
  11. Ex-Mil Unimog Heading North on M40 05May12.... with Canoe on roof ! Something went wrong... Short Video Clip (26 secs)
  12. Spotted today.... Small Army Convoy Heading South on M5 (02 May 2012) J3 to J4 9am. Landrovers and some Chunky Trucks !
  13. Pinzgauer 4x4 on M6 heading north around J14 at 06.30hrs Short video clip - no sound :kiss:
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