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Marmom-Harrington Armoured Cars

abn deuce

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Photo from Life magazine site Marmon-Harrington armoured Cars and Jeep's in Greece 1948 .

Caption : Marmon-Harrington armored cars in supply yard.

Location:Ghondi, Greece Date taken:1948Photographer Dimitri Kessel


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Hi Colonel, you are very welcome, the link came from my desire to acquaint myself with those vehicles.


Being a Nebraska man, may I offer you a great link?. This is an American Trucker who I have been following live on his cab link as he crosses the States. He is I think still off the Road at the moment at the Volvo Truck dealers in Omaha, but there are several videos and beautiful still pictures on his web site. http://bigrigtravels.smugmug.com/


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When we arrived in UNFICYP as Force Reserve Squadron (September 1976) we got an IntSum (Intelligence Summary) of forces on the ground. Top of the list was a Turkish T34 and there was a standing crate of beer for the crew that was able to report a sighting.


I am sure one side or the other was reported as having Marmon-Herrington armoured cars. I suspect the Greek Cypriots.


As a driver tucked away in the bowels of a Ferret there was nothing for me ever to see: that said, I never heard my commander report a sighting of anything interesting at all.

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I am sure one side or the other was reported as having Marmon-Herrington armoured cars. I suspect the Greek Cypriots.


One of Bov's examples is ex- Cypriot.

"Used by Greek Cypriot National Guard, Cyprus. Transported to U.K. by LSL Sir Tristram, from Akrotiri to Marchwood - June 1986. Thisis the South African armoured car based on the Canadian F60L 3-ton lorry chassis, still known as the Marmon-Herrington, although

containing none of their components. They were used by the Free Greeks during the Second World War, who passed them on to the

Greek Cypriot National Guard, who used the cars into the 1980's, re-engined with 6 cylinder diesels"

There's 3 "Preserved" in the "Peace & Freedom Museum", near Kyrenia.


Another in Athens.

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Colleagues; I would like to point you to the recently published book of a friend of mine: Marmone Herrington - A History of the South African Reconnaissance Car


This massive hardbound volume gives an in-depth and detail review of one of the important vehicle types produced and used during W.W.II, a truly international icon, employed by South African, British, New Zealand, Polish, Free French and Greek forces in Greece, Africa and the Middle East as well as Dutch forces in the Far East. While it is of great interest to the historian and researcher, it also supplies a wealth of new information and drawings for the modeler. Includes: Development history, Prototype development, Technical development, Comprehensive operational history, Personal accounts, Details of vehicles used during different campaigns, War Diary information of units that used these vehicles, Post war use by various armed forces until retirement, Comprehensive camouflage & markings information..

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Not Avail (19 May 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8360672202

ISBN-13: 978-8360672204

Product Dimensions: 29.2 × 20.6 × 1.8 cm



Marmon Herrington.jpg

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