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New Thread on sewing forum!


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Keep an eye out for the raccoons.


Here's a challenge - bring any topic posted on "Other Chatter" back to a military connection.


In this case, a thread containing such diverse topics as sewing and racoons can be brought together thus (see bottom right hand pattern below). Note the reference to Velcro fasteners - important.


Next stage, link to military......well, about 12 years ago I met the then boss of a company making Velcro. He had just attended a conference on "What the best-dressed soldier of the 21st Century will be wearing".


It transpired that all the high tech clobber (visor displays, helmet cameras etc) were going to require a lot of back-pack based stuff and it was deemed essential to be able to shed this gear quickly. It had been demonstrated that on execises the location of covert soldiers could be located in the dark by the dreadful sound of Velcro tearing apart, and their cover was blown.


The view was that the first person who could design silent Velcro would make a lot of money!!


Sorry, it's been a busy week :help:

Racoon Sewing Pattern.jpg

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

:-DTalking of velcro,i heard that the military considered replacing the nuts and bolts on there l/rover floors and seat boxs,The reason being they were braking so many layshafts it would make field repairs easier,this along with the half shaft dispencer

would allmost guarantee a vehicle possibly finishing an exercise.:-D

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I can bring this back on topic with a military connection:


When sailors of old were buried at sea, their bodies were sewn into sail cloth, weighted, and lowered into the sea with the last stitch in the sewing traditionally going through the deceased nose, to make sure the person believed to be deceased was actually dead, as opposed to merely ‘dead drunk’ or sleeping heavily.



Saw this in that recent film Master & Commander.

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