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The Village at War

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The Village at War, Tilford, near Farnham, Surrey.

Saturday 13/5/2006 - Sunday 14/5/2006

Open to all 1934-46 Allied military and emergency vehicles of all services. Camping and full museum facilities available. MVE Peter Davies 01252-329577, 24 Lower Weybourne Lane, Farnham, Surrey.



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went to this in 2004. Museum is interesting for a one off visit but the show was really aimed at living history groups and did not cater for individual vehicles that time - the organiser never even introduced himself let alone thanked you for coming etc.

It was great to chat to the reenactors and fun to camp with them overnight but the public seemed well out of it and the vehicles were ignored.

Hopefully things may have changed 2 years later but we in the local MVT area group skip this one

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Hi John

Things must have changed, We went last year started out with 2 jeeps

from north london but lost the Hotchkiss at Richmond (coil 24V) went home with the AA ,so we were late at Tilford , No probs with them offer of a freebee roll and tea on arival we had a fine day, with 2 road runs with

MOP upto the atlantic wall site.plus paid us £10 for fuel , it is a 40,s event

did you go in the Ferret in 2004


all the best


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Hi steve


No I took my Morris C8 GS truck since the 2004 event was the prelude to D-Day show so had to be on topic - there was only one other non living history group vehicle there and they felt the same as I did regarding independnet vehcile attendees


Howver, since I did not go last year I will bow to your direct experiences and others reading this should disregard my earlier comments.


I may even consider going this year in that case since the trip to Kemble is rather expensive compared to the run down to Farnham which is only 15 miles for me.



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Hi John


Morris GS , NICE :D , If only Dad's garage was just 18 in higher!


I know what you mean about LH looking down on us MV lot but at the end of the day we all support the same thing and events.


If you do go i feel 2 jeeps and a Morris GS can take on the world :lol:


We went to Kemble Last year ,Just for 1 day in the GPW 3 up, my bum

still KILLS ME NOW, but a very good show worth the trip from north london


All the best


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