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Fv 434


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Damage to work bench..






..the damage was caused by Wayne reversing into his trailer, small step ladder has already fallen off.


3 hours to remove, all but a couple of the bolts were free - a BIG hammer & angle grinder.




This frame is almost straight now, went to Screwfix to get replacement coach bolts & stuff, wasn't able to replace the hard wood today.




Had a check of the steering pads, both sets seem ok.




Finished for the day..only posted a couple of pictures, on me second glass of wine already :-D.

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With the engine OFF, engage the PTO with lever "A". Its a dog type gear so you may need to flick the engine over on the starter to get it in fully. You'll feel when it's in and hear an appropriate noise if its not! When dis-engaging, again stop the engine first.

If you intend lifting anything with the crane, you'll need the "lock-outs" in. With the engine running and the PTO engaged, uncage the red lever on the end of the valve block. Moving it one way charges the lock-outs, the other dis-charges them (try it to see which way it goes - too long for me to remember). You should get a pressure reading on the guage on the valve block, move it smartly back to the centre and re-cage. If you go too far, it will dump the pressure, in which case just try again. Dump before stopping the engine with the PTO still engaged. If it fails to dump (it sometimes does), leave the lever in the dis-charge position, the normal action of the suspension whilst driving will dis-charge the units (dis-engage the PTO before driving off, though)



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Been busy today, I looked for some hard work during the week for the work bench but all I could find at the normal diy places was pine...


So, thinking it through we have wood at home from last years bad weather, sorted one of the trees that came down in the storm & started work. :-D














Job done :yay:

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Hi all..


Please point me in the right direction for the correct head gear/helmet/googles for the 434.




Depends what period your 434 is representing.


Pre-about 1980, it would have a Larkspur radio harness, in which case the headgear would be the driver's normal beret and badge with a headset over the top. Very comfortable. When Scorpion was on the horizon, due to budgetary restraints, the RAC were given a choice by the MOD, "We can afford CVR(T) or Clansman: which do you want?" Scorpion had been built to take Clansman from the start. (It was very tight fitting a C13 / C42 setup in the turret of a Scorpion.) So pre-Clansman Scorpions came with a number of hybrid converter radio boxes and leads so that the crew got (as far as possible) Clansman features out of a Larkspur harness. We were issued bonedomes but it was quite normal for these all to be U/S so that we fell back to using Larkspur headsets over berets.


In the early Clansman era, you'll be looking at a one-piece bonedome with velcro straps allegedly meant to hold the earpieces off the head to stop them crushing the skull ... not very successfully. You could acquire a HIB headset (Headset, Infantry and B Vehicle) or a Staff User Headgear, either of which is more comfortable than the bonedome, but I find it hard to envisage a time when this would be representative in a 434. For example, I am pretty sure that in our Command Troop, only Sultan drivers had to suffer the pain of the bonedome. Both these headsets would be worn over the usual regimental beret.


I suspect Sultan commanders were expected to wear bonedomes in the turret, but we had Staff User Headgear in the back for the Battlegroup or Comabt Team command staff and I don't imagine our commanders suffering the pain of the bonedome when these were available. Ferret crews wore Staff User Headgear: I was Regimental Signals Storeman in camp and there was no way I was going to suffer any more discomfort in the field than I needed to.


In the late clansman Era, i.e. through to today, the headgear appears to be two-piece so that you can wear the headset without the bonedome (though the bonedome would be required whilst driving), which I imagine is a lot more comfortable than the old bonedome.

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Removed the small ram, well not so small or light..






..had it tested during the week, no problems, even the corrosion on the piston will not affect the seals. Extends under pressure and returns due to its own weight.


All parts removed and checked.



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Is the ram not returning at all?

Due to the lack of weight of the outer arm, they always were very slow to retract unless loaded with a power pack. I seem to remember that we used to get our "third man" to hang on the hook to speed up the process when first deploying the crane on arrival at a veh cas rep.

In terms of head gear, my experience was similar to that already described by AlienFTM. Beret and clansman headset in the CVRT Samson and 434 (only the Wedge's wore bonedomes) and later a headset that press-studded into a helmet (similar to the Rapier missile operators). Berets were the prefered type. The kevlar helmets were also designed to fit over clansman headsets and it was not unknown for veh commanders to use this set-up.



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My 434 outer ram has always been very slow with no load,always as if needing a bit of weight on the jib like Ian says.:argh:It also seems to make the pump seem to work hard when in the lower pos when not loaded.

I did have a bit of a problem with a low pessure return hose on the right side of the control swelling up and blocking the return once,some one had used ordinary hose not oil resistant.I had terrible trouble getting the air out of it all after,I hung a pack on the end of the jib and worked it up and down for ages,still slow though.

I put it down to the nature of the beast:cool2::cool2:

Good luck


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Sounds the same as mine, I'm going to ring the maintance guy at the RE Museum as he used to own one..



Didn't need to phone, refueled the tongka today & Hiab worked fine..








Collected almost 600 litres from a good looking contact :cool2:.

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