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  1. Yes Chris, an engine lifting frame,3400lbs, presumably used at Chilwell, 38 Wksp, but what the hell for? Typical army, 3400 lbs s.w.l , I reckon it wouldn't be shy of lifting 34 tonsπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  2. Picked this up a few years ago in amongst some other stuff, looking to sell it but it would be nice to know its application :cool2:
  3. Hi , anyone got any info / pics of a 1965 2a swb Truck Utility (military) ? Should be a hard top shouldnt it? Reg is 42 EP 58 if that helps at all,:red: I,ll post a pic in the next day or so.
  4. Sorry Paul, yes I,ve still got the old girl here and she goes out for a run now and then. I blame my age, and it aint just numbers I,m rubbish at remembering, and if you want some keys lost I,m your man:red::red: Hows that landrover Paul Dave
  5. Small world, I used to own that pig, YFO864 was its civilian reg, cant for the life of me remember or find the military reg. Always regretted selling it off, it was a nice pig and there was history to it . Just after I sold it to Bob Grundy who exported it to the USA I was shown pics of that same vehicle in service with a bomb disposal 'wheelbarrow' loading/unloading in N I, so it was a Felix vehicle. Ian Young, editor of Military Machines International, was a previous owner and I,m sure he did a lot of the work to it, drop him an email, I,m sure he,s got a good record of it and a photo woul
  6. Ever tried taking a 434 fuel tank out?? I had a lot of trouble years back with my fuel pump and had it on and off a few times. Eventually had to remove the tank to clean the crud out of it and you wouldnt believe how awkward a job it was until you,ve done one.I,d rather struggle a bit inside before going down that route again! Dave
  7. Thanks for the info Stef, need to give the old girl a bit of a tune up and couldnt seem to find a reference to a modern spark plug. The motor actually starts very well but does have an odd little misfire when warm, hope a new plug and some fine adjustments will sort it out. :tup::Thanks DaveP
  8. Anyone know the NGK plug to fit my WG3L or something better please? Thanks DaveP:help:
  9. Under the front alternator,luvly little job.Is it the switch or a bit low pressure at tickover which is not uncommon. Dave
  10. Thats correct, I,ve had mine out a few times.Basically all due to muck in the tank. Now, taking the fuel tank out, hours of fun and laughter:readbook::banghead::banghead: DaveP
  11. Dave, I agree with Rambo, just turn up and relax!!!:yawn: I,m sure we,re all used to feeding ourselves for a weekend so that wont be a problem.Meanwhile just take it easy:nono: DaveP
  12. Had a quick shufty tonight, definitely 1+11/16ths
  13. Very dodgy bloke runnin that site:red:!! an he just got married:nut:,think its all having an effect on him:undecided::undecided:
  14. Dougy, Glad to know you,re hard at work at BT:whistle::whistle: wait till I get my phone bill:cool2::cool2:
  15. Without actually going and looking in the shed I think I,ve got quite a lot of them.They were in great abundance in the old 432 ces stillages from Withams along with loads of other stuff I,ll never ever need!!:embarrassed: I presume they,re for the distribution panel, let me know if you need some and I,ll go and have a look in the morning DaveP
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