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Convoy lights

R Cubed

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Need some experts here !!!!!!!

I want to set up a demo of the front and rear convoy lights as fitted to American trucks such as the Jimmy.

So I need to know how they should work, and, are the new repro ones fitted with the correct lenses to merge at the right distance ????????


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Getting warm, we are on the right track.


But I thought there was something special about the lenses on the front convoy lights to do with the 2 triangles in there and at certain distances they appear as one light but too close or too far they appear as 2 lights ????

Hence convoy so you are abe to keep a set distance...

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They are the same lights used today on American Vehicles.

Left Blackout marker, Center Blackout Drive and last one rear blackout marker and stop light.

I never new that they were meant to do that, with all the hours I have done blackout driving, following the blinking red light in the dust I'm amazed.

One night we were doing a move and the driver of the fitters track went to sleep and we all followed into a creek.


Paul downunder

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