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What would this've been used for?

Bodge Deep

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Righto chaps...

Had this gathering dust in the back of the barn for ages thinking wonder what that was used for? Briggs n Stratton. Clearly for driving belts so genny? lighting rig? Pump?

What practical aplication would it've had... is it for sommat specific?

Answers on a postcard to... well here please !




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Leland Alternator, Type A, Form Bow 14, FR 50, KVA 26, Amps 22, Volts 120, Cyc 60, RPM 1800.

When ordering parts give 9900AK 35587

Leland Electric, Dayton, Ohio

Powered by Briggs & Stratton engine ZZ 308104 181265

Signal Corps Power Unit PE75, Serial No. 978 CVX

B&S engine manufactured January 1941





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falling from the back of a C47?


That isn't a stupid as it sounds. Small belt driven engines such as the B&S were used to drive APUs on some aircraft. Looking at the belt pulley I'd suggest the engine could have been used for a multitude of purposes on mobile workshops etc.

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Proably originally bought to power the milking machine and /or cooler if the mains failed. Nowadays you get a genny that fits on a tractor PTO.



There's only one answer to that, Eric Morecambe's stock reply.........

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The name Briggs & Stratton rings a bell. I suspect they made the 500W generators we used to carry on our command vehicles to run the Command Post without needing to run the vehicle engines.


Feature: the end of the fuel lead went into an attachment that exactly matched the hole cover on a jerry can. Open the can, drop the end of the hose into the benz, seal it shut exactly as you normally would and Roberto the latino long-distance lorry driver is your mother's live-in lover.

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