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  1. Just to show how 70 year old kit still can work- and I don't mean the guys in the photos! this is my MW and 10cwt mortar trailer (restored last year- see earlier photos on this thread) on the XXX corps 70th anniversary run in September this year. We were 6 guys strong, with all authentic gear, living from the back of the truck and trailer, the only concession being mobile phones and plastic cards to obtain money! Truck and trailer ran without fault Valkenswaard streets. lovely day near Sonne! Ginkel Heath
  2. Trailer seems to have sold very quickly......in demand no doubt.... latest photos of mine, sadly not at a show as yet, as no one had the sense (including me) to take one of the trailer and truck together, so its in its store, but now sports a great tarpaulin, manufactured by Luke at wear-n-tear tarpaulins at Stowmarket, as advertised here on HMVF, he did a great job, even came around to trial fit so the eyes matched the cleats and are the right place, he also fitted correct ropes to corners with appropriate "soft splice " in the eyes for the corners. It looks great. info@wear-n-tear.co.uk
  3. The trailer looks great behind the trusty MW! Cant wait to finish badging and get a tarp for the top! mike:)
  4. Trailer 99% finished.....markings to put on, I know Tony is the guru of such things, and she should just have a census number, but i am hankering after the 43 Wessex Wyvern and a recce divisional sign on the back to match the MW,........plus a couple of discrete small invasion stars......timeout to think required...... The cleats arrived and hopefully Sean is able to complete his too....I have some hints on timber for anyone wanting help....order 2 of the floorboards and one of the side boards for each slightly wider, say 1/2 inch, to allow one to be planed back to suit eventual floor widt
  5. Nearly done, photos tomorrow, does anyone know what markings would be on a trailer in late 1944, divisional signs and stars etc? Struggling to fnd a decent photo showing things! mike
  6. I had to replace the five intermediate vertical support struts with new as the old ones were bashed about and had been weld repaired in all sorts of odd angles, but I managed to keep the corner struts, and also recover the mudguard support plates, two of the corner struts needed cutting and rewelding to get them back vertical, the chassis itself was ok apart from a couple of holes that needed welding up from some sort of bodged rear lift out tailgate, the grit blasting and priming came up very well, and I had no problem stripping the brakes and hubs, though the brake drums took a bit of persua
  7. From piecing together many threads I understand that the trailer was covered with a simple rectangular canvas tilt that allowed a 6" "overload" to be carried, ie the load could extend 6" above the sides of the trailer. This would make it around 7' by 5' assuming 6" either side, does anyone have actual dimensions of the tilt and spacing and size of the rope eyes? .....and any experience of anyone making one eg grade of canvas, colour etc? Progress is good, latest photos of assembled frame, timber now well under way!
  8. Excellent! More tin bashing for me! - But at least I know they were fitted- Thanks Simon! I guess that means there had to be a lamp too......so yet more to do! I recognise the brake drums and hubs too! Mike
  9. Thanks for all the info, I concur with the bearing numbers- i managed to tease one off without damaging the oil seal, but i am now thinking with my perfectionist head on, should i sell a kidney to get the aforementioned seal? So how big was the convoy plate on the axle, I presume it was painted white and not some other exotic colour, and .....would a trailer used in september 1944 have one or is it a post war luxury? ps Ive found another definition for rave..... Cambridge Online Dictionary/ rave:to speak in an uncontrolled way, usually because you are upset or angry, or be
  10. Yes- they were welded, and the trailer had signs of the original rear rave welded on, though it had been removed and a removable tailgate contraption fitted, so I re-welded the mudguard supports back onto the new raves in the same locations, and patched up the additional holes that had been flame cut in the frame! My third spare wheel sadly has been shot blast and turned to lace! (water must have been sitting in it for years!) The trailer was a tender to a council steamroller that has been converetd to a traction engine- its an Allchin based somewhere near Dorset i think- NV100 is its
  11. My trailer is coming along at a pace, the frame is at the shot blasters after having new raves fitted and I have stripped the axles partly. The new ash for the body arrived today too, and I have ordered some castings from a foundry for the cleats (and some for Sean!) I suspect I need new bearings, so can anyone give me the bearing numbers and that for the external lip seal? I don't want to start knocking them about in case I damage something that I cannot replace! I've looked through the timken catalogues and can find a number of bearings that are similar! I'm sure i've seen a post about b
  12. Lovely job! Hope mine turns out like this! Lovely to see! Can't wait to hitch mine behind the MW! These trailers are getting hard to find now...70 plus years in farmyards or fields are really culling the population! Mike
  13. Cleats...... Managed to find a foundry who are quoting a lot less than the one Tony has used, to either cast in iron or brass/bronze, so I need to borrow or buy a cleat from someone to have a batch made. (I've tried the same foundry that Tony used but in vain and as Tony said, they are very pricey ....) So far at least one person expressed a desire for a set as well as myself (Jeepjes on the other thread for trailers) I'm hoping to get the iron ones for around £5 each and brass/bronze for £7 (depends which set we want and how many we order, and I'm not sure that these come de-burr
  14. ...........My other hobby is model engineering so I possess a lathe, milling machine, MIG, TIG and MMA welding sets, and a grinder or two, so its not the turning or other machining, (I had to make a lot of stuff for my 1937 Hillman staff car), but casting is out of my league! Plus the neighbours may complain if I build a blast furnace in the back garden! I suspect if i went to my local school they would want to make it from composite or plastic! My sons school has a 3D printer so i should have had him make me a plastic one as a plug for casting!!!! I may have to machine up some studs
  15. ...............Certainly not! though she was witness to the original purchase.......still waiting a quote for the replacement woodwork........so I shall be sat down when that arrives!
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