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Santa Fe Event 2008

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Last weekend was Santa Fe, europes biggest WWII re-enactment event. The weather did not help much, rained a lot which kept the visitors away but I had a great time.


Here are some pictures of the event:











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One of the guys from the organisation told me it won't be held next year because of D-Day...

Just come to the Netherlands for the Market Garden events this year....



So its not just computers that hate me - people are now stopping events that I want to go to :argh:


Enigma, where can I find info on Market Garden event as I looked this week and couldn't find anything :cry:

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No Jack, we all love you.:flowers:


The most important thing is if you want to bring a vehicle.

A lot of events are organised by military vehicle clubs so there isn't a umbrella organisation.

Lots of little campsites, re-anacting groups (also vehicles from the UK).


On 18 sept there is a military vehicle drive from the Belgian border to Eindhoven, with a defilé past veterans in the center (mv club Wheels).


On 20 sept is the paradrop at Ginkelse Heide (Ginkel Heath).

Several clubs attend, organised by?


In Arnhem itself are commemorations, at the river waal a small gathering to remember the crossing of the river in canvas boats (around the 24th?).


This year (like the past 2 years) we'll have a British friend over whom we know from Beltring. He'll be joining us in the Dodge or Jeep.


(Last year he earned his keep working when both vehicles had troubles...

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Me, we, who?

I don't know anything (neither does Joris)...:sweat:



A blatant falsification if ever I saw one as Joris has previously admitted that the clog wearing flower growers had detained said females and would return them in their own good time:argh::-D

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Ah.... Me thinks W&P will be a good time to re-notiate the return of the Ladies of Negotiable Affection...

'Cos Chez Renault might look a wee bit odd with track prints over the top of it... :evil: :evil: :evil:





NOOoooo it'd look quite good:cool2:


Look forward to seeing the video ..... OT90 meets Renault van.

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