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Reminder - 'D'rive-Day June 6th '08

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For the last couple of years, Jack, myself and a few others have taken our vehicles out on June 6th to remind people of D-Day. Attached are a couple of pics I've taken from the last two years D-Day runs out.


If you can, take your vehicle out or park it on the drive and keep reminding people that freedom isn't free.





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YOu are a good man Steve and was going to get this tomorrow :sweat:



We have done this every years since the start of HMVF and the people taking their vehicles to work or around the 'block' on D-Day has grown year on year. It is just a little reminder to the public and little thank you from us to them who where there.


Make the effort - it is very rewarding.

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Hi all,


took the Jeep (1942 Ford GPW) out as I often do on this special date for a spin around Newquay.


Won't be taking it to work, though, as a) it wouldn't be insured and b) I don't finish until late and don't want to risk another night in a lay-by (coil went last year, no spare -have now!-, took the "4th emergency service" 6 hours to come and recover me.)


The picture is of the Jeep, this morning, at Newquay's War Memorial. Of note is the recently added plaque commemorating one of the service personnel killed in the Nimrod crash in Afghanistan, 2006.





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Here`s the jeep basking in the Dorset morning sunshine befor a 20 mile run around local roads.





First drive since befor christmas (long, long time) good to be out in the sun and breeze again.



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Remembering D-Day ,

Practical impossible to stall a military vehicle outside , when you're not around it ,

impossible to take it to work , but lest we forget is D-Day , that date (and many more) is in our hearts and in our minds , we feel "connected" with them who were there , as I spoke to several elder people today , some I had to remind , others still

had a"fresh memory "about it. Bad weather over here , one vet told me , it was much worse then !!

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