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  1. This is it some time later when it was kept at the late Charlie Mann's museum at Lamanva.
  2. Any news of the sale yet? Here's me with the self same Grizzly (number 1 no less) in Plymouth just after it was imported in 1984. Before going to Duxford it resided here in Cornwall.
  3. Thank you Gerry, it's a very interesting group. There doesn't seem to be much published on the subject of Jeeps in post-war British service, so it's good to have this group to collate what there is. And you're a fan of Jerricans too! What is the matter with us?!
  4. Hi Gerry, I've recently received the key card no. 2 for my Jeep (GPW44069 or 57 YH 43) and it too is a rebuild with a bonnet number of 1510926, I thought you might like it for your list. The card also shows another; 1550801 which immediately precedes one on your list. Regards, -Roger.
  5. Thanks Ivor, only subscribers to HMVF could see the pictures anyway. If you're on FB, please take a look at my page for inspiration! I've been reprimanded before for putting a link to it on here, but it can be found by searching for "Series IIA lightweight Land Rover (Rover 1)". Please feel free to upload pictures of your project, I'm sure everyone would find them most interesting. Regards, -Roger.
  6. Nice pictures, Ivor! I don't know why I haven't seen them sooner. I have one of these vehicles myself, ex-RAF, and have a FB page dedicated to the type. I've put a link to your pictures -I hope that's OK. Thanks for sharing them, regards, -Roger.
  7. Hi all, for any owners or enthusiasts of IIA "lightweight" Land-Rovers (Rover 1), I've started a Facebook page dedicated to these vehicles. I've put on about 30 photographs that I had of them (and about 20 of later, Series 3 ones to broaden the appeal). I hope it's OK to promote this on here. I don't mean to detract from the HMVF. I'm not selling or advertising anything -just thought it a good way to get owners/ enthusiasts together. Perhaps in time we could try to get a line-up at a show. The most I've ever seen at one show is three at War & Peace, scattered about (we've managed that ma
  8. Oops! -looked at the invoice for the one I bought in 2001! The one I bought recently was £84 (£96.60 including VAT). Apologies for any inconvenience -especially if you've booked a holiday in Cornwall! -Roger.
  9. Cornwall Battery Centre, Truro. -Roger.
  10. I use a 511 (6 volt, 105AH). It fits the bracket, but I have to hacksaw the thick rubber from the top at each end to fit the frame -no trouble, but will no doubt invalidate any guarantee. Bought one recently for £52.59 all in. -Roger.
  11. Great film, Nick! Interesting to see one bike sporting an AA badge -I'm sure some know-it-all seeing that at a show would say it was wrong! Regards, -Roger.
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