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Universal Carrier spares availability

Rick W

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The answer on wheels and tracks is no.


You can get wheels re-rubbered and new track cast and machined, but obviously at great expense. The engine and gear box are standard Ford Truck items.


A Bren Carrier is an early version with a different armour layout at the rear.

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You do see the odd wheel at shows, but check if you need British or Canadian wheels as I understand they are not interchangable with machining.


Chris Wilkinson used to have stocks of track but he scrapped what ever he could not sell when he moved yards. Tracks do obviously wear out so they are in demand.

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Clive Hughes in West Sussex can help out a lot with items such as storage boxes, exhuasts, seats, brackets, straps and most bolt on fixings, even the armour i believe. They are not original parts but he does a superb job reproducing items.


Also a friend of mine had some front wings made recently by another local guy, very very good copies using the originals as a pattern from the Bren that i am restoring.


Many Mechanical parts are not too bad as they are standard ford/fordson truck parts, i.e. engine, box, diff, Clutch, Starters, Dynamo, Water pumps etc.


Get in touch of you need some help, as me and my dad are half way through restoring a MK2 canadian bren and have learnt a lot so far, there are a few Bren owners that i have met up with who have helped a huge amount.





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I thought you were talking about original spares.


I know Clive well and he makes some of the best replica fittings and fixtures in the country.

Just be prepared to wait for a very very long time if he does not already have what you want on the shelf. His list of things to do is very long.


I also have a pair of the side mud guards which I assume Bazza is talking about.

In theory I own the tooling as I ended up being charged for it.


If the Carrier you are talking about is missing a lot of parts it will take a lot of money to fabricate every stowage box and equipment clip in the back. Clive also does the fuel tanks which are the first things to rust out.

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