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Jeep on Rails

abn deuce

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Convertable transportation



French Caption

A un passage à niveau, en arrière plan à droite un groupe de GI's casqués.

Une jeep montée sur rail, les pneumatiques retirés et arrimés sur les flancs du véhicule. A son bord, 5 militaires avec des tenues différents dont celui avec un calot porte le patch France (la zone blanche est le blanc du drapeau français et au-dessus la barre horizontale avec le mot "France").

Derrière la Jeep un autre soldat avec un béret

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'ere you go :-D


Convertable transportation


width=500 height=407http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff35/abndeuce/2052352241_9cb36d5dcf.jpg[/img]

English Caption

At a crossing, in the background right a group of GI's casqués(:dunno:).

A jeep mounted on rail, the tires removed and stowed on the sides of the vehicle. A board, 5 military uniforms with different one with a calot wears the patch France (the white area is the white flag and french above the horizontal bar with the word "France").

Behind the Jeep another soldier with a beret


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At last years 40s weekend at Bristol docks, we made a set of rail wheels and fitted them on Paul Grays Jeep, then ran the Jeep up and down the docks railway line. Here are a couple of pics.


width=640 height=480http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q151/CatD4/BristolDocks2006001.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=480http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q151/CatD4/BristolDocks2006002.jpg[/img]


On a different note they lifted John Curtis naval jeep into the Higgins boat and took it round the docks.


width=640 height=480http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q151/CatD4/BristolDocks2006011.jpg[/img]



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I recall a simular photo too perhaps it was a AFKWX cab over in an issue of Wheel and Tracks"? there is a photo of CCKW on page 122 of the GMC A universal truck Boniface and Jeudy.

it states ' in the weeks preceding the landings, the Americans used 2 1/2 ton 6x6 trucks (models CCKW 353 and AFKWX 353) converted into rail cars on rialway branch lines to numerous warehoues filled with equipment through out Great Britian. These vehicles were converted in situ by the US Ordnance Corps,and they over came the shortage of steam locomotives."

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Jim, next year how about doing some wheels for Martin's CCKW so he can shunt goods trucks on the docks? I have seen wartime photos of it being done but as usual I can't remember which book. :? ;-)



I agree - and we need to see that Diamond T wrecker on the circuit next year too!

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