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10 Cwt….2 Wheeled Lightweight Liner Saw-bench Trailer Restoration

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New Restoration project on the horizon. 

WW2 liner saw bench, took some recovering. But we’ll worth it, it’s In remarkable condition for its age. 

Looks at some point it’s had the engine changed. I think this would have been originally fitted out with a JAP engine? 

Few photos taken during the recovery. 

Any one with any literature on these little trailers? It would be good to start to collate some information prior to starting the restoration. 












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So managed to pull the data plate off tonight 

Lightly cleaned up, really nice condition, 

Mild steel WD number X6151445 contract number 7945. Orme Evans, given to various 2 wheeled trailers. 

There is also the post war registration, anyone with access to the keycards?








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Spent a few hours on the trailer this evening. 

Pulled the old petter out, this is a later edition into the trailer, and from what information I have incorrect for the saw.

so now on the hunt now for a JAP 5, has anyone got one kicking around they would like to sell? Used in old generators / charging sets of the time. 

You can see how the sub frame has been altered to fit the much larger petter.
There will be some fabrication work required to correct this. 










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I have just checked if the history card is at the RLC MUSEUM they say it is there is  FEE for a copy it will give you details of the contract number the wartime census number the date and place of it's disposal doubt that there will be any unit details contact by e-mail or phone

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There is (or was) another sawbench trailer out there. Around 2014 I tried to buy this one. It was covered in other vehicle parts in a run down garage. It was a typical horders paradise and the owner was not bothered enough to extract it. He gave me a couple of photos of what it used to look like and I managed to take a couple of it in situ, including the post-war plate.

Goodness knows what has happened to it.




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These have been noted before but for newcomers the following links to MOD films show some of the REME trailers in use.

In  https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060044244 at 3.35 mins there is the process of starting a sawbench trailer and in 

https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060043939 there are more trailers in use

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The saw bench looked like a good buy. Based off the images it’s a complete example. . 
Shame you couldn’t secure the deal. 
Is there no way you could follow this up? 

So the engine in my saw bench is incorrect, I can see this how the chassis has be altered to fit the bigger engine in, just wasn’t 100% on what should be fitted?

Based of some of the other trailers I’ve seen it looks to be a JAP, the one you have photographed without the cowl confirms this.
Difficult to work out what the model would be off an image, JAP 5 or JAP 6, any experts that can confirm of a photo? 

Do we know if the drive is v belt or flat belt? Have you any other images that might show this? 

The videos you have posted too, I’ve never seen these before, great little source of information. 

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As requested my remaining photos. The faded photos were photographed with my phone from the trailer owners originals.

The owner was not too bothered about selling the trailer 'as he might need it to cut up some wood in the future'.

This despite the fact that it was buried under rusting car hulks and would have needed a major effort to extract it.

I was disappointed at the time as it would have made a nice addition to my compressor trailer but I was compensated later by obtaining my electrical repair trailer (one of only two still in captivity, I believe, along with John Corden's example)





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Thanks for sharing. If nothing else the images have helped answer some of the questions I had.. 

Reality is the the trailer will continue to degrade and probably end up in scrap. 

Electrical repair trailer, another rare one, and probably a better find than the saw bench. 

The chassis do turn up, occasionally. But finding a complete one worthy of restoring. Like finding hen’s teeth. 

Next trailer after the saw bench I think needs to be the compressor version. Just need to find a good candidate. 

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