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  1. I have a 10cwt 4.2 " mortar trailer with early handles on central spar or Lightweight with early hitch or electrical repair with later hitch/handles. You are welcome to come and measure.
  2. As most people will know, War & Peace evolved from the annual IMPS club show that was first at Tenterden and after a few years at the Whitbread Hop Farm. In 1994 it was renamed as Back from the Beaches, followed in 1995 by the Victory Show. We then came up with a new name for 1996 (courtesy of either Nigel Hay or Keith Palmar) of War & Peace. It was still the IMPS club show and our Events Secretary, one Rex Cadman really had the bit between his teeth and continued to try to enlarge the show. In this he was rather successful and by the late 1990's the show had grown to three days a
  3. Deepcut have many of the key cards - go online and quote the X number or post war number and they will tell you if they have any info. If they have it will cost you £25 to get a copy .
  4. The rope hooks on the corners of the chassis are also on the 4.2" mortar trailers, as well as the cleats on the woodwork so nothing unusual there.
  5. Contract number is definitely correct for a GS No. 1 trailer. The chassis number is unusual ( A3253/879 ) as every chassis number I have seen have been OE ******. The data plate is also unusual in that all my Orme Evans (OEC) plates are stamped steel whereas this one appears to be cast brass. Also the X number does not appear to be in the sequences quoted in the 'B' vehicle WD numbers (Rob van Meel's reprint). Nothing like having a little mystery!
  6. Could it not be Orme Evans - definitely wartime as it has an X number.
  7. Just seen going clockwise on the M25 near Cobham services, two Renault FT17 first war tanks on a low loader.
  8. Two more unidentified tools (at least to me). It is good to find people interested as I seem to have zero interest at home (my wife doesn't understand me!)
  9. All very well but when one does not know what they are to start with (and as you know I am a bear with little brain.....)
  10. These are some other strange tools I have cleaned up, including some sort of puller with a WD arrow. These tools all came with the trailer - I do not know if they are part of the original fittings. Any ideas would be welcome.
  11. The project is finally finished except for the tilt which I am having made but this will take several weeks. My son-in-law helped me put the valve grinder back on the trailer. It is so heavy that an engine hoist was employed. The still has been left as it was except for adding some lettering to the outside and renewing the instruction plate by scanning it into my computer and a friend photoshopping it to re-vitalise the peeling off paint. I then put a printout back over the original using Tackiback film so that I still have the original underneath. I have not taken this apart to reno
  12. With the advent of good weather the restoration has come on in leaps and bounds - photographs are the best to show progress. I have kept the original wood even though it is not in the best condition (but it is imperial measurements). One interesting thing is the use of Phillips screws. One or two could be put down to later replacements but the main box is completely constructed using these screws as are many of the other wood units (such as the rear tool drawer) and footman loops attached to wood. The other puzzle is the electrics. There is an obvious line of cable clips taking the m
  13. Can anybody identify this light fitting - it looks like a motorcycle tail light or an instrument illuminating light. The characters on the side are FV14933 Dropbox.exe
  14. I came across this link on another forum but on this snowy day it made for some interest. http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=265109 I wonder how many are still around
  15. I would have thought this was an exercise behind the front line - nobody appears to be fitted out for combat. As this appears to be Sicily or Middle East it still does not answer the question about use in Northern Europe but whether the paras used them in Palestine after the war?
  16. The following link finally shows that all these trailers were actually put to use by the airborne forces. In it I think there is a binned stores trailer, machinery trailer, circular saw, generator and a compressor trailer but different to my one, plus a possible welding trailer out of shot. All pulled by jeeps. I think it is in Sicily - ignore the first minute or so. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060044244 There is another short film that can be accessed from this link as well
  17. Parts sandblasted and now am waiting for decent weather to take it outside to spray. The main chassis appears to be in good condition and all I have to do is remove the tow hitch to dismantle it to free it up. The valve grinder is in pieces to be gradually cleaned and re-assembled. It is a restoration job in it's own right,
  18. Interesting in that the trailer appears to have a solid tray inbetween the side boxes. The Murex trailer is open underneath the engine - I do not know about the generator trailers. As we appear to be updating this thread, John and I have decided to leave our Murex welding trailer as we purchased it apart from fitting two new tyres and a new exhaust. The reason for this is that it started on the second crank of the handle and works perfectly. We gave a demonstration last year at the Capel show and it was on view at Combined Ops. It seems a pity to mess about with it trying to turn it back
  19. Having chosen the coldest day of the year Rick successfully loaded the Covenanter and set off for home at about 5.30pm. It is almost a year since the first reconnaissance to Denbies. I was there for a couple of hours watching but had to go back to work for a couple of hours, returning just before his departure. Now the hard work will begin.
  20. When in doubt go to the records at Deepcut - I now have the key card for my Orme Evans "trailer. 1/2 ton Lt.Wt. Electric repair. 2WH" Also, guess what? On the same key card are the records for the Dashwood trailers of the same designation. I believe a pint is in order!!
  21. First of all, when was bronze green introduced? If my trailer is anything to go by it was after 1945 (dates on vices). Would it have been repainted during it's 1961 re-build? Secondly all the WD numbers were allocated in blocks so on second thoughts the order may be irrelevant and dependent on time of manufacture and use of the allocation by the manufacturer. Thirdly, the plate holes match up exactly to those on the trailer - I do not know if the holes on the trailer match up to the Dashwood plate. No doubt somebody out there will have an answer.
  22. Interesting, another mortar trailer with front and rear dropdown panels and the rare box-type tow hitch (upside down). As I noted many moons ago in the Mortar trailer thread these hitches seem to go with the double (or at least the rear) drop down panels. Somebody else buy it please!!
  23. Out of the blue I was given by the previous owner the missing manufacturers plate and army re-build plate for the trailer. This promptly opened up a can of worms as we had previously thought that these rare trailers were from a batch of 300 manufactured by Dashwood - in the Chilwell list of B vehicle numbers this manufacturer is the only one shown specifically manufacturing these trailers and given their very low survival rate this is logical. However the plate I was given is an Orme Evans plate with a WD number (X 6150842 ) and contract number 23/7945. The WD number is lower than Jo
  24. Or John Corden but I am not sure if his Canadian C60 wrecker is man for the job. if he does not pick up this thread I will be seeing him in the pub this evening.
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