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  1. I am glad it is still in use - I am now a bit too long in the tooth to manhandle/restore it but it was good to see it.
  2. As requested my remaining photos. The faded photos were photographed with my phone from the trailer owners originals. The owner was not too bothered about selling the trailer 'as he might need it to cut up some wood in the future'. This despite the fact that it was buried under rusting car hulks and would have needed a major effort to extract it. I was disappointed at the time as it would have made a nice addition to my compressor trailer but I was compensated later by obtaining my electrical repair trailer (one of only two still in captivity, I believe, along with John Corden's example)
  3. These have been noted before but for newcomers the following links to MOD films show some of the REME trailers in use. In https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060044244 at 3.35 mins there is the process of starting a sawbench trailer and in https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060043939 there are more trailers in use
  4. There is (or was) another sawbench trailer out there. Around 2014 I tried to buy this one. It was covered in other vehicle parts in a run down garage. It was a typical horders paradise and the owner was not bothered enough to extract it. He gave me a couple of photos of what it used to look like and I managed to take a couple of it in situ, including the post-war plate. Goodness knows what has happened to it.
  5. If this is the jeep that I recently supplied an IMPS Age Related letter for then all you have to do, as I told you, is to contact HMRC to change the NOVA which was issued using the Arizona ID to show the GPW number that was perfectly plain to see on the chassis member. As I told you the Arizona number has no relevance in the UK for dating or registration purposes. You have a dating letter so having got HMRC to change the NOVA and then submit the V55/5 using the correct Ford chassis number
  6. Does anyone have a source of dating the manufacture of White M3A1 halftracks? I have a chassis/frame number of M3A1-48057 but among all my references (Hunnicut, Tankograd manuals, Wheels & Tracks,etc) I cannot find any reference to build dates. Even a G503 Half Track Database reference consists of everything except build dates. I need this to provide DVLA with a source of dating evidence for an Age Related registration. I am not normally stumped for information but in this case I have drawn a blank. Can anybody help?
  7. Does anyone have a list (or know of a source) of post-war Royal Enfield Flying Flea frame number/engine number dating.

    Orchard and Madden only provide the data up to 1945 and they were built up to around 1952

  8. I have a 10cwt 4.2 " mortar trailer with early handles on central spar or Lightweight with early hitch or electrical repair with later hitch/handles. You are welcome to come and measure.
  9. As most people will know, War & Peace evolved from the annual IMPS club show that was first at Tenterden and after a few years at the Whitbread Hop Farm. In 1994 it was renamed as Back from the Beaches, followed in 1995 by the Victory Show. We then came up with a new name for 1996 (courtesy of either Nigel Hay or Keith Palmar) of War & Peace. It was still the IMPS club show and our Events Secretary, one Rex Cadman really had the bit between his teeth and continued to try to enlarge the show. In this he was rather successful and by the late 1990's the show had grown to three days and then five days. It was then we (as the IMPS committee) decided the show was too big for an amateur group and Rex took over the show professionally. IMPS were paid a retainer and provided the core of the organising team but the responsibilities (and potential liabilities) were removed. IMPS members still retained the rights of a club show, namely free entry and it remained part of the club entity. The rest is history. This is the first year since the beginning of the show (35 years) that I have not brought a vehicle to W&P. I went as a MOP on Wednesday and to the IMPS evening on Thursday where many of us, old and new members reminisced. Even Rex was there, having had to pay £20 entry. Hopefully in the future things will get better.
  10. Deepcut have many of the key cards - go online and quote the X number or post war number and they will tell you if they have any info. If they have it will cost you £25 to get a copy .
  11. The rope hooks on the corners of the chassis are also on the 4.2" mortar trailers, as well as the cleats on the woodwork so nothing unusual there.
  12. Contract number is definitely correct for a GS No. 1 trailer. The chassis number is unusual ( A3253/879 ) as every chassis number I have seen have been OE ******. The data plate is also unusual in that all my Orme Evans (OEC) plates are stamped steel whereas this one appears to be cast brass. Also the X number does not appear to be in the sequences quoted in the 'B' vehicle WD numbers (Rob van Meel's reprint). Nothing like having a little mystery!
  13. Could it not be Orme Evans - definitely wartime as it has an X number.
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