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Poppy Appeal in Newark

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Sad to hear of the apparent indifference from the RBL in Dorset ref making use of green machines to boost their efforts during Poppy Appeal time - very strange.


Glad to report no such problems in Newark, with the RBL being effectively co-opted into the membership of the Trent Valley MVT almost from Day 1 earlier this year - and very enthusiastic they are too.


Working with the RBL, TVMVT will be appearing in Newark Market Square on all three Saturday's of the appeal fortnight - starting yesterday.


Whilst Martin Tasker's Canadian Chev was a lone vehicle yesterday due to problems with the Humber Pig and our GMC still not having made it home from the Lincolnshire coast, we are expecting five jeeps and the Pig next Saturday and then the veritable Armour fest of a Stuart, Saladin, Fox, Pig, White Scout Car and jeep on Nov 10th, possibly supplemented by the GMC (if its here and the brakes work) and Martin's Chev once more - and just maybe a Daimler A/c?


Getting the Stuart into the Square will be an important tick in the box for our future ambitions!!


Due to Simon Morris's sterling work behind the scenes, we have had allocated parking, press coverage and even free coffee c/o Starbucks, with free bacon rolls laid on for the next two weeks from the local deli. Yesterday was so successful despite having only one vehicle and Martin and his crew of three additional uniformed bodies are to be congratulated on their efforts such that they ran out of poppies!!


Good work boys and Michaela.


Attached are a couple of images of my lad Max (Aged 5) and two of Martin's crew with the Chev.

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Well Done, Neil, both to you and team, also to Newark.

Its NOT just Dorset, I feel, that seemingly indiference toward anything out of 'the normal', is being felt.


I'm thinking an approach to RBL hq might be worth looking into, establishing a contact there, who could then li-aise with branches.


How about it, Jack ??

Could this be looked at under the HMVF banner ??

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