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  1. Glad to see some it has been saved!! I was there with permission :-)
  2. I'm not aware if anything is for sale or not, but the fact that it is all still there suggests not. I was there with permission, returning with the daughter of a deceased ex USAAF pilot who flew C46/C47s from Folkingham with the 313th TCG post Normandy. I agree it is a shame to see such stuff just rotting away, especially the QL!
  3. This was parked next to the QL as seen today and previously posted.
  4. Here's something of a rarity seen today in deepest Lincs amongst many other vehicles and trailers quitly rusting away. Original painted sign on dash read RAF/909703/VM
  5. I think this is possibly a cinemobile the ARC mobile cinema vehicle, as they did use 6x6 Dodges for this purpose.
  6. No genuine ex ARC Clubmobile AEC Regal 10T10's are known to survive, but two examples of the uber rare 10T10 bus are in existence, one is fully restored into its original Green Line livery and operated by the Chobham bus museum and the other is undergoing restoration with Ensign Buses in Grays Essex after repatriation from Australia in 2004. This repatriated example did serve as an Ambulance during the blitz as the ambulance signwritten paintwork was clearly visible when it returned to the UK. Expected to be completed this year and once again be available to tramp the streets of London and the home counties on high days and holidays, this bus really is a rare bread and an amazing survivor; all credit to Steve Newman and the Ensign crew for saving her and undertaking the restoration to their usual high standards. For pictures of her as reaptriated and the rebuild visit http://www.ensignbushire.com/#!restorations/c1nhz
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]82067[/ATTACH] This picture is taken at RAF Ramsbury and would I suggest support your comment that the ARC used Bedofrd's as Clubmobiles.
  8. Thanks everyone - much appreciated. Cheers, Neil
  9. Thanks Gordon, Actually my message reads a bit ambiguously. I was referring to bonnet No's for the Chrysler but I can see why you thought the Dodge. Interesting all the same but apologies for that. Cheers,
  10. Being a Troop Carrier aficionado, I'm looking to mark my 41 Chrysler Royal staff car up to represent a vehicle from the 9th USAAF's IX Troop Carrier Command HQ during their Dec 43-Sep 44 stint in Grantham, Lincs. I'd welcome anyone's thoughts as to what the appropriate markings ought to be, but I'm thinking: 9 * IX TCC HDQ or 9 * 9TCC HQ2 Obviously HQ2 could be HQ1 or 3 etc. The Dodge command car from the 437th TCG pictured below wore: 9TCC * 437TCG HDQ Anyone got any idea about appropriate bonnet No's for such a vehicle? At the moment is has none but it previously had a 6 figure No starting 112. It certainly looked appropriate but who knows, someone out there does I'm sure! Cheers,
  11. Found these mortal remains a few weeks ago - appears to be a 1928 Buick judging by the style of the steering wheel. Its obviously been there for a long time!! Anyone seriously interested in learning more, PM me.
  12. Just booking travel insurance to the US and noticed that the policy I have booked with insurewithease.com actually has amongst the hazardous activities add-on section the option of flying in a private or small aircraft. Having cast caution to the wind in 2005 with flights in both a B17 and B24 at Thunder over Michigan (ToM), the one thing that has stopped me from considering further such adventures (other than the perennial lack of cash!) has been the 'risk' of so doing if you were to be injured and not killed outright, in terms of the cost of medical treatment and repatriation etc. Having looked hard to no avail for such cover for ToM in 2010, brother Clive went off flying in a formation of B17's and I didn't..... therefore this to me was a find worthwhile sharing. Now what's left on my bucket list...........
  13. I've recently got to know an ex Royal Marine D-Day veteran who served with 904 LCS (M) flotilla and now lives in Kenilworth. His vessel was No 74 and went in in advance of the DD tanks on Gold beach, carrying observers whose job was to observe the fall of shot from the DD tanks as they fired on their way in! It wasn't a suicide mission as far as they were concerned but they learnt afterwards that the reason they had been ignored on board their transport vessel across to Normandy was due to the fact that they were not expected to return! Last week through a bit of internet based research I managed to put him in touch with a fellow 904 veteran who lives in Weymouth, but I have been singularly unsuccessful in locating any decent pictures of an LCS (M). Horace the vet concerned moves into a warden controlled OAP complex next week and I'd love to get a decent picture and get it framed for his living room. Ditto does anyone make a kit of one? Can anybody help?? Attached is the one meaningful pic I have located but it is't high enough resolution to enlarge. Many thanks, Neil
  14. A few visual reminders of RTV 2008. Not all of these pics are mine, so full credit to Clive Stevens and the others who took these. Cheers, Neil
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