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RAF Jeeps in WW2


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As a part time researcher of WW2 RAF vehicles, it has annoyed me to see RAF Jeeps driven around in TV programs and Films made in recent times of  Bomber and Fighter Command in the UK, and I don't hold out much hope for the remake of the Dambusters Film with Digger the Dog. As for RAF Blue Jeeps in WW2 don't get me started!

However, back on subject, I do know that Jeeps were used by the RAF from 1944 as Fire / Rescue vehicles and Mountain Rescue.

The Jeep's use by the RAF in a pure transport / runabout role (for which a Standard Tilly was ideal) still alludes me, so  I'd appreciate seeing photos of such RAF Jeeps in WW2.  However one that comes close is this photo from the closing weeks of WW2.

It appears to be painted yellow over its standard OD colour - with yellow on the top and sides and the front fender. Yellow was the colour applied for airfield use and it appears the vehicle is being used as a sort of follow me vehicle. I can only guess what the sign says in the rear tub. note all the tools and hood have been removed, and the tyres are not a very 'off road' pattern.

I think it was taken at RAF Manston in April 1945.

The RAF Registration on a number plate is quite roughly done.

RAF Jeep in April 1945.jpg

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Thanks for those photos.

I should have qualified my post to say that the RAF  2TAF and Desert Air Force & Far East AF all had Jeeps as there was a proven need for their cross county 4x4 capabilities, for forward airstrips, which was not much in demand on an RAF airfield in the UK during WW2.

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