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Hello, Morris owner!

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4 hours ago, Tony B said:

Ive got some Climax pump parts looking for a home if you want them. Project that went haywire due to unforssen circumstances. Don't want to throw them out if they have ause. PM if intrested.

Hi tony B..  Mine is a Dennis, but I do have an interest in Rootes stuff, might be some that can be of use.  Where are you?

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2 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

Sounds interesting, any pictures?

What you would call a basket case! 

But, a lovely project. At the moment, I'm going to build it with a simple GS body, until such a time when I can find out 

exactly what the body was. about a third of the work is the body and fittings.

morris military2.jpg

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3 hours ago, Richard Farrant said:

Looks like a late one as it has sling plates on the hubs.

Back in late Seventies a friend rescued a C4 from a dealers yard near Sissinghurst in Kent. I did a lot of work on the engine and gearbox.

And it's still going strong..... Thanks Richard.

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On ‎8‎/‎11‎/‎2020 at 7:48 PM, Kent Transport History said:

It's a kind of grudge project.  My ex father in law owned it, and reckoned i'd never be able to do it.

Nothing like a good dare to focus your efforts.  That trailer looks like it could do with a bit of love too

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