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  1. Top man, Doc. Mungo Jerry lyrics, you can live your life by them! Although, an acquaintance of mine ("the thirsty farmer" as he was known), found the defence of "have a drink, have a drive" as a legal recommendation, not to be admissible in court. Huh, the vagaries of the British Legal system. Looking good there. Dave
  2. Looks great, look forward to seeing at Woodchurch. We will be there with the steam engine, so I we will have a trundle round.
  3. A gentleman should always take a moment for DSG envy. You a know a lathe is a big one when it has a centre foot and removable suds trays! What a nice piece of kit.
  4. You are right to worry about that, Steven. We did my front wheels on my Aveling. They are 1000mm dia, by 200mm wide in 10mm thick MS. This is the amount of heat we needed, and still struggled. There is coal in this fire, wood on top and compressed air from a lance... and we still just about made it.
  5. Thanks gents, I had not appreciated that swapping the rotation was that simple. I probably have enough parts to to see how this works in practice. I had assumed that the drive mechanism was handed also. Thanks for your help. Dave
  6. I don't seem to be having a lot of luck with Magnetos! What I need is an SR4LE. Anti-clock rotation. Studying various pics online some SR4LEs appear to be clock-wise, some anti-clockwise. How can this be, surely Simms settled on rotation direction when giving it a part number? And yet there seems to be many examples of SR4LEs with either rotation and the same part number. A friend suggested they have had their oil lids changed at some point. I cannot believe they have all had their oil lids swapped for ones with the arrow (direction of rotation) pointing in the wrong directio
  7. I feel like this section of the thread is going to be extremely informative for me. Can you wait whilst I get my beer and some popcorn before posting more on the raditator restoration, please.
  8. Nice pics there. It certainly seems to have the dimensions of a tram body. The position of the waist rail, floor level etc. all suggest tram. What a nice thing to own.
  9. What an excellent thread, Andy. It is the quality of threads like this, and the Gosling gentlemen documenting their projects, that drove me to register on HMVF and post my own limited efforts. I have enjoyed it enormously. Having seen the lorry in the flesh I can say how good it looks in the "flesh". Cheers Dave
  10. How will you do the core, will you repair or make yourself? I am in similar straits myself, and surprised by the size of the number needed to have a new one made. In particular the number of zeroes in the number made me think I might need to save up for rather a long time.
  11. An interesting picture of the hanging and cooling room of the Co-operative Bacon Factory. It did strike me though, that the bacon had little choice but to be cooperative.
  12. Nice looking magneto there, Tomo. And the SR4X seems to be a pretty popular on ebay. Yours seems to have good caps also. I want to get mine sorted soon as I believe there is a quite a wait on getting them serviced/repaired. Out of interest, did it come with the caps, or did you have to source them separately?
  13. Thornycroft pressure gauge on ebay at the moment, Tomo. Not sure if you need one, but here it is... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224423079990?ul_noapp=true
  14. A fine selection of beers on the shelf there, Toby. I assume that once a moderate thirst has been built up, the evening is given up (as it should in every shed) to noisy revelry. I conjecture the bottle of Yellow-Tail at the end is reserved for its corrosive properties, paint stripping and the like. Keep up the good work. It is an inspiration for the Kent Branch of the scrap bus and lorry works.
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