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  1. It is interesting, Tomo, that your J Type has a throttle pedal as diminutive as my SQ. On mine, the Clutch and Brake pedals are huge. And yet the throttle (or accelerating pedal in Leyland vernacular) is no larger than 2 1/2 by 1 1/4. I don't know, but I guess at the time, the hand throttle was used more. Perhaps more ofay pre WW2 lorry chaps can enlighten us.
  2. I don't believe there was, Mammoth (having just checked Graces Guide). I have had other TT catalogues over the years and I don't recall the imagery on the covers. My later catalogues are plain type (albeit with the same stock!).
  3. A distant family member, whose precise relationship to me I don't recall, was fatally injured in the 1930s by being struck by a Motor Omnibus. It was of no great consequence, as he was, as my Grandmother ruefully described him, "a reader of cheap fiction". Such affectations were of great consequence in those days. There is one thing I am certain about though. I would like to think that the fatal Omnibus carried fittings made or sold by Thomas Tingley, Coach and Motor Body Builders, of Walworth, London. This Thomas Tingley catalogue popped up on ebay last week for four quid. I
  4. Looks very smart. David must be very pleased with it. Dave
  5. Hi Tomo, I have read your post a couple of times. What I think I read is that you need pre-war Whit nuts. If that is right HSS stock them, here: https://www.heritagesteamsupplies.co.uk/pipe-fittings-studs-nuts-bolts/pre-post-war-whitworth-nuts.html If I got it wrong, apologies and I wish you a merry Christmas. S&F (Dave)
  6. Looks good, Andy. It is encouraging to see you putting these parts back, and shiny and free moving too. I spent the day stripping almost identical rusted parts with the oxy-propane torch and dreaming of the day it will be in paint. Inspiration indeed. Dave
  7. Now that looks good, Andy. I have been contemplating such roof type things myself recently, having been invaded by squirrels and similar roof munchers. I was interested by your comments on the real condensation problem caused by plain tin sheets. I keep wondering how bad the problem is, but I think your experience answers my question. Plus, you had a rare opportunity to give the crane traveller a bit of a service by the look of it. I note there is no emoji for crane envy, so this must suffice 😍
  8. Dave, I understand from the Authorities at the scrap bus works, that Matalan are having a winter sale of trousers and untergarments. Having pressed your crank to 60tons psig I would imagine that their offerings would be timely. I shall send you the details and highly recommend the plaid riding breeches.
  9. That is an interesting strap. It is worthy of examination. how much was it expected to be tensioned?
  10. I think that is a smart idea, little bits of dirt/or grit can do a lot damage.
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