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  1. Hello, and apologies if i'm late to the conversation. It's an LDV200 series, and most prob mod. I have a couple of slightly later mini busses. They were used for all kinds of work, and most bases had a few dotted about. It could also be RAF, as they also had green vehicles at that time.
  2. Hi Bob, it's MPV Restoration, MPV Windrush, Egg Hill Rd, Charing, Kent, TN270HG Thanks.
  3. Cheers Bob, were are you based? I sent you a PM with tel. For Covid safety, I could Send you a small box to post it, if you give me dims. I can then have it collected? deb
  4. Hi Bob, Mark (Tillings) put me onto you! I have some morris projects, and could dearly use this please! Can pay posting. Deb
  5. An emotive topic... They who are without sin can only throw the first stone comes to mind! It's the classic trade off between authenticity, and reality, Original Pattern, and Original Parts: Original Renovated Vehicle (totally original parts) Original Restored Vehicle (parts replaced, but restored it's original state) Original Pattern Vehicle (original vehicle rebuilt to match a genuine vehicle) Replica Vehicle (built to match exactly a genuine vehicle, bar some 'swap over' parts) Look Alike Vehicle. (built from outset to only depict an original vehicle. T
  6. Then some heavy research is needed first, to establish what was built locally, and how to tell. not easy, but possible. how many churchill lines were there? and what were the years/numbers produced?
  7. The wasted cost of building a replica, you may as well find something genuine, and do a steady 'rolling' restoration on it. It's one of the interesting things I find in museums. finished stuff bores me a little lol. Have you considered a lottery grant, to assist in paying for an acquisition/ heavy recovery? A genuine local historical subject is always worthy of lottery funds
  8. Hello, there is a hulk of a churchill somewhere in kent still, not sure where though.
  9. The hubs look way too heavy for anything small on the road.. It's not an axle from some small loading or service vehicle? The gear ratio would be a big teller
  10. It's a kind of grudge project. My ex father in law owned it, and reckoned i'd never be able to do it.
  11. What you would call a basket case! But, a lovely project. At the moment, I'm going to build it with a simple GS body, until such a time when I can find out exactly what the body was. about a third of the work is the body and fittings.
  12. Hi tony B.. Mine is a Dennis, but I do have an interest in Rootes stuff, might be some that can be of use. Where are you?
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