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  1. Tomo, nice work mate. I have been hoovering up Solex 35MOVL instructions as they come up on ebay, or i find them on net. I have most of it all PDF'd so let me know if you need any and I will get a copy over to you. Dave
  2. I got some Copper bifurcated rivets for another project from the chap at Vintage Car Parts, he is a good reliable source of all sorts of bits and pieces. Worth a look over his website. link here: https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/products/654-bifurcated-copper-split-rivet Dave
  3. There are a couple of very interesting topics in this latest post, which are very germane to my own engine dilemmas, Steve. With the springs, how did you spec the spring or do you just send the length, wire dia. and function etc., and let the Tested Spring Co. work it all out, or do you send them an original? Secondly, the pics of the valves are interesting. I have some valves in a similar state that will need remaking. I will be interested in your plans for these. Thanks, Dave
  4. It is surprising what turns up eBay. Looks nice, Doc.
  5. Hi Ian, welcome to the forum. It is the best and most well run forum that I have been on, and a wide range of vehicles (or piles of scrap in my case). Wherabouts in Oz are you? We used to get over, but only to WA which still has a lot of relics up at places like Whiteman Park etc. But the flat got sold so we don't make that journey anymore. Thanks for the ID on the lamp, I think you have rightly identified them with a number which is what I had be looking for. I would very interested to see photos of them. Its dead easy to post the pic, just pop it in the box marked choose files. All the best, mate. Dave
  6. If the "suit makes the man", the painting and signwriting certainly makes the bus. Its transformative.
  7. That would make sense, Richard. As the town is not listed explicitly in the EKRCC list of five companies it absorbed and does not really get a mention by Baldock. I wondered if it remained independent or operated by the local council. A look in Kelly's Directory for 1913 under Omnibus Props. lists one Henry Dew. Kennington, which is our target LZ. Graces guide gives us a location and address. I think this is the location of the garage. Do you agree, Richard? https://www.google.com/maps/@51.1666588,0.8874564,3a,75y,133.95h,87.83t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAtw_cQPXsmzxgy401jOrYQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 And so, on the balance of probabilities I would say Duncan's bus was owned by Henry Dew. Operated from the forerunner of the garage shown above. The bus stop shown in my pic is just a matter of 200 feet from this garage. I would guess its a staged photo arranged by Henry Dew, to promote his business at the nearest stop to his garage. Dave
  8. Quite right, RM7. I have just looked at my high res copy and it is only "Scammell and Nephew, and the remainder is out of focus, but the last word looks like "London". As Steve Wright would say, "no "G"" (if you are a Radio 2 listener that is!)
  9. Just to start the ball rolling on identification I offer the following: 1. The uniform of the soldiers in your second pic (from RP) is from the Royal West Kent Yeomanry; the identifying features being the bandoliers and the spurs. Thanks to my mate, grandarog for the identification. 2. The bus in the first pic I think is a Commer. I think the clues are the badge on the scuttle/dash and the chassis cross member behind the starting handle. Commer had bodies made by Scammell and Nephew. The transfer for the S&N body can just be seen, offside behind the driver on the seat rail (above rocker panel). 3. The Scammell and Nephew transfer is distinctive. I include a shot of another Commer with an S&N bodymakers transfer for comparison, below the legal lettering, and thus I wonder if the body that was on your Chase is an S&N body. 4. Per the second photo, of the Chase, taken in Kennington, Ashford. I am not 100% certain whether Ashford buses got absorbed by the East Kent Road Car company (EKRCC) or Maidstone and District (M&D). Ashford is on the boundary. The EKRCC formation was on 1st Sep 1916. The fleet lists at that time, show every bus that it absorbed. The Chase is not one of them. Thus either this was pre-1916; or did not make the absorption (out of service) or is from a company that did not get absorbed (local authority or other) or is part of the M&D area fleet. I cannot put my hands on the M&D fleet list but it does not get mentioned in Baldock's book on the M&D. It is possible that the bus could have been operated by BET or its subsidiary BAT. That needs further thought. Dave
  10. I thought that, Andy. It is the end wall of the house with the white quoins and arched headers. There was a space which is why you can see the end wall of the house in the first photo. The space has been filled with what is now 149A Fav Road. The conservation officer has done a good job of demanding the same brick bond as next door, but you can see it is a new-build infilling from the brick headers on the windows and the stretcher bond below the DPC level. Dave
  11. Your second photograph, Duncan, was taken at this location. Faversham Road, Kennington, Ashford. Kent. The white quoins and label course are quite distinctive which I why recognised them. Amusingly, it is still a bus stop to this day, to the right just out of shot. Dave
  12. Wow, blimey Tomo you have a lovely job of that. I showed Mrs Scrunt and Farthing I was so impressed, and we both remarked on the quality in the shading. Nice work.
  13. Top man, Doc. Mungo Jerry lyrics, you can live your life by them! Although, an acquaintance of mine ("the thirsty farmer" as he was known), found the defence of "have a drink, have a drive" as a legal recommendation, not to be admissible in court. Huh, the vagaries of the British Legal system. Looking good there. Dave
  14. Looks great, look forward to seeing at Woodchurch. We will be there with the steam engine, so I we will have a trundle round.
  15. A gentleman should always take a moment for DSG envy. You a know a lathe is a big one when it has a centre foot and removable suds trays! What a nice piece of kit.
  16. You are right to worry about that, Steven. We did my front wheels on my Aveling. They are 1000mm dia, by 200mm wide in 10mm thick MS. This is the amount of heat we needed, and still struggled. There is coal in this fire, wood on top and compressed air from a lance... and we still just about made it.
  17. Thanks gents, I had not appreciated that swapping the rotation was that simple. I probably have enough parts to to see how this works in practice. I had assumed that the drive mechanism was handed also. Thanks for your help. Dave
  18. I don't seem to be having a lot of luck with Magnetos! What I need is an SR4LE. Anti-clock rotation. Studying various pics online some SR4LEs appear to be clock-wise, some anti-clockwise. How can this be, surely Simms settled on rotation direction when giving it a part number? And yet there seems to be many examples of SR4LEs with either rotation and the same part number. A friend suggested they have had their oil lids changed at some point. I cannot believe they have all had their oil lids swapped for ones with the arrow (direction of rotation) pointing in the wrong direction. This seems too improbable for me. I recently bought one online, via ebay of the correct designation and rotation. Hurrah! Sadly it was stolen in transit and an empty box delivered for my trouble. Boo Hoo. The next one to pop up on ebay was pretty dirty/dusty and thus it was not possible to see the arrow on the oil lid, but was a bargain at 14.99. I like bargains. It arrived today, not stolen. Hurrah! and it works.. . Hurrah, again. the only trouble is it is a rogue SR4LE that has clockwise rotation (I could not see this in the photos). Boo Hoo, again. Anyone got ideas on these ruddy magnetos, and why the problems I experienced regarding different rotations for the same part number? Anyone got a spare SR4LE they want to sell (anti-clock), and finally the punchline: I have bought so many Simms products, I am in danger of becoming a Magneto Magnet! I will get my coat. Tonight's beer is Gluten Free IPA, I shall pour it anti-clockwise.
  19. I feel like this section of the thread is going to be extremely informative for me. Can you wait whilst I get my beer and some popcorn before posting more on the raditator restoration, please.
  20. Nice pics there. It certainly seems to have the dimensions of a tram body. The position of the waist rail, floor level etc. all suggest tram. What a nice thing to own.
  21. What an excellent thread, Andy. It is the quality of threads like this, and the Gosling gentlemen documenting their projects, that drove me to register on HMVF and post my own limited efforts. I have enjoyed it enormously. Having seen the lorry in the flesh I can say how good it looks in the "flesh". Cheers Dave
  22. How will you do the core, will you repair or make yourself? I am in similar straits myself, and surprised by the size of the number needed to have a new one made. In particular the number of zeroes in the number made me think I might need to save up for rather a long time.
  23. An interesting picture of the hanging and cooling room of the Co-operative Bacon Factory. It did strike me though, that the bacon had little choice but to be cooperative.
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