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New member from the Netherlands


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Hello all, 

After a bit of looking around on hmvf I decided to sign up, so here is my introduction. As the title stated, I'm from the Netherlands, 21 years young, history enthusiast (20th century mostly), volunteer at a museum and proud Ford Eight 7Y owner. In daily life I work as a car mechanic.

The Ford was build in 1938 and we are almost 2 years together. I'm doing a lot of research on RAF staff cars as I'm planning to make it one. I don't know if it's the proper way to ask it in my introduction but if anyone has photos of the Ford 8 7y in military service during WW2 I would be so delighted. The only photo I found was one being used as a siren car during the blitz, sadly police and not military.. 

The car:


Hope I'll be able to get some photos, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Kind regards, Lennard


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