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  1. Welkom Lenny, Another Dutch guy finds it way to this forum. Where are you located in the Netherlands? Greetings from Renkum, Sjoerd
  2. I see that contact is established. rgds. Sjoerd
  3. Hi Jon, I just found this topic, i am not such a forum dweller i’m afraid. I’d like to compliment you on your fantastic retoration, the Morris looks absolute fantastic. They are lovely machines, i’ve bought mine in januari 2014 and got it restored in 2015. If you need any information you may always contact me. I keep an website on the Morris Commercial C8, maybe you’ve found it? www.morris-commercial.nl Rgds, Sjoerd van de Wal
  4. Thanks John, We hope to add something to the owners and community by sharing all information we find. Rgds, Sjoerd
  5. Hello all, Over the last days i did some major updates in the site. Still in no means complete, but every step is one forward to get al relevant information located and published. Please take a look on www.morris-commercial.nl If you've got something to add, or would like to get your C8 in the register, please contact me. Regards, Sjoerd van de Wal
  6. Hello all, Some of you might already found it or saw my spamming on the Morris Commercial C8 Facebook pages, but last year i started a small side project to gather and share information about wartime Morris Commercial trucks. Especially the C8, but also other types will be added during time. Also i am building a register of Morris Commercial C8 owners, so please send in the details of your truck to get these added. Anonymous, if necessary, no problem. If you'd like to contribute, or correct, information please do so. Please take a look on http://www.morris-commercial.nl/ and tell me
  7. Hi Chris, Contact Frank Brown, he made the canvas for my Morris and am very pleased. I guess he is able to make canvas for the Tilly. Rgds. Sjoerd
  8. Hi Niek, restoration is going well i see :-) Looks very nice, however i would have made it black because i still do not found evidence that they ever were delivered field grey. Or do you have some extra information? Can you tell me if you've got new spools for the electrics and where you've found them? I am still looking for a set for the ignition and lighting. Rgds. Sjoerd
  9. Nice picture Niek, never saw this one before. Speedometer was a postwar adding because in Germany you must have a speedometer. Mine RT98 does not have a Speedometer as it is a original Ducth motorcycle. That the German army used them is a fact, but i have no eveidence nor ever saw one in army colours. The fact that some got a military registration number is not strange, when vehicles were conficated the local administrator wrote the vehicles in the inventory and gave it a number. Whole reason to do so is that it could get fuel etc. But when you look on higher level you'll never find th
  10. Hello Niek, At first i would like to congratulate you with the purchase of this fine bike, they are really reliable and lovely machines. I have one myself and am very happy with it. You've managed to find a special type of the RT98, a so called "Gelände- ausführung" or in english country version. The exhaust is placed higher than on the normal RT98's. But, this machine was officially never used by the German Army. The only DKW bike that was used by the German Army was the NZ350 and NZ350-1. Also the SB200 was used by the Luftwaffe. As a DKW enthousiast and restorer of seve
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