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Rols Royce B series


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 I am coming to the end of overhauling  a B 40  they are a robust engine .

I have done hundred s  of engines and taught the subject  and usally enjoy engines  {not this engine].  The  B series engines are the most awkward and pooly designed engine for the mechanic .

REMY fitters must be a very tolerent  lot  and a great set of mechanics  I take my hat off to them. 

Who on earth were the designers , to  create such an engine where the mechanic can only use an open . ended spanner in an inacessible space , the inlet manifold is a prime example ,To make the job that bit harder they put pipes  or ignition filters in the way . Then there is the cylinder head bolts near the spark plugs where only a ring spanner can be used.  Rolls royce seems to not know about TORQUE  WRENCHES at that time.  Socket s must never   come into the  equasion  . 

I have had 6 Ferrets , CVRW FOX  and 2  Champs most of these vehicle  I have removed the engines and am always amazed  at the poor design of our military vehicles for both the fitters and  the soldiers comfort / accesability.   Are the Modern  millitary vehicle any better  ????????     Does anybody have comment on the B series or do you  love them.

I like the Jackle what are they like to work on



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I have to agree that they are not the easiest engines to work on;  having struggled to set the valve clearances on a B80 installed in a fire engine, the mind boggles at the the magnitude of the same task in the confines of a Saracen or FV432.  I think I would have been extremely tempted to leave them a little slack and only touch them when the engine came out for overhaul....

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Well in defence of the rolls B range engines l have worked on the whole range and l think they are a good engine to work on  and l have to say l am a fan and l may be in the minority  after over fifty years give me  one these any day 🤤

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Extremely reliable engines in my expirience. It's not the engine that is the main problem in this range.

it is the VEHICLE they are installed in that causes 'Difficulties on some! The designers of the vehicles are only concerned in shoe horning the engine in it! MAINTAINANCE procedure's are secondary it would seem?

Ferrets were the easiest in my working on them. Lift the complete engine deck cover off. & you had access to work easily on most items on the engine.

I have to concede, on MK.I Petrol engined 432's. Valve adjustment was a 'Squeeze' through the side 'kidney plate. A BIG headache on them, was when used in BATUS in Canada. A Hard unforgiving training area used to shake loose. The valve adjusters on a regular basis! You HAD to wait ages for the engine & it's compartment to cool down. Before you could do anything through that kidney plate! Otherwise you would get badly burnt!...

Stalwarts: If you had a load in the back & the engine died. you HAD to empty the load compartment & lift the floor panels. To get at ANYTHING on those Engines!  Saracen & Saladin was limited access on both types. Yes, engines were not the problem. The design of the vehicle allowing what access you could have. was the problem!....Just my 2 Penneth worth! ;) 

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I’m with you tankdriver....although I have discovered that if you buy a special tool for doing up the 9/16 inch nuts on Landrover propshafts, it’s effectively a one piece extension bar and 9/16 socket in one - it just fits the cylinder head nuts on B series engines - the necked extension clearing the head allowing you to get a torque wrench on the nuts. 


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I would have thought that the military vehicles would have components  designed to be fixed  easily in the field  instead of making them awkward it seem to make sense to me . Fix a problem quick get out of trouble. repair a vehicle and get it out into the field. I have heard that 1/4 of tanks broke down within 10 miles. Mechanics  dont need to be awkward  simple and easy works every time.

I just hate it when only a open ended spanner can be used without any space around it , 

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