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Federal 94x43

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In 2018 my brother and I purchased something bigger than we have previously restored! We bought the 1943 Federal as running, but decided to do a complete restoration. The original engine had been replaced at some time in it's life with a Bedford diesel engine. These pictures are how we purchased it. Hope you enjoy this thread. 

federal august 2018 001.JPG

federal august 2018 002.JPG

federal august 2018 004.JPG

federal august 2018 010.JPG

federal august 2018 013.JPG

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It became obvious that the cab area had some issues with tin worm, the biggest part of this restoration to tackle we think. This truck is mostly all there, just missing engine cover and a few small parts. In a year we have nearly stripped the truck to a bare chassis, we only have limited time to work on this as we both work and we live eighty miles away from each other, so we have to work out times when we are both free, so at the moment it is just a few hours every couple of weeks in the summer months, we are working outside too. A big problem is dealing with 75 year old rusty nuts and bolts and trying to free them, most have never been apart. Will add more pictures soon.

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Next jobs will be to take off axles, springs, and steering box so we have a completely bare chassis. We only want to restore this once so intend on doing it right! We will sand blast the chassis first and rebuild up from that. We do have an original engine for this but intend on putting the diesel Bedford engine back....mainly for economy!

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