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  1. Thank's DT guy, we do have a Hercules spare engine if we ever do decide to put that in, but we will be staying with the diesel for now, thank's for the offer though.
  2. This weekend we managed to get the chassis into daylight to get some paint on it, hopefully soon we will start to put parts back on.
  3. I have been told that the GMC headlamp is the same as what we need for our Federal 94x43 restoration, we have two odd one's and think we require another larger type if someone has one to sell?
  4. Late August 2020, we are waiting on a trolley being made so we can pull the chassis out into the open to spray it green, meanwhile in no particular order we are unwrapping parts and finally getting things in green. We would have hoped to have a rolling chassis sooner, but the Covid situation put us back a bit! We sheeted over the chassis and made our spray booth there.
  5. Parts sandblasted, and handbrake assembly being stripped down.
  6. Hi DT guy, yes this is the truck Richard owned, really to strip to bare chassis was the only way to go to do it right! Oats and barley, i'm not aware of the one in Swindon.
  7. All shackle bushes and spring leaves are in good condition, taken back to bare metal then red oxide then olive drab. We are going to renew rebound clip bolts and we are waiting for the spring center bolts to be machined then we can reassemble the springs. Rear springs are not in such good condition!
  8. Hi Richard, Thank's...no we don't have a trailer yet!
  9. Taking front springs apart and re cutting threads in U bolts.
  10. May 2020, Chassis in primer. We had the chassis sandblasted and painted around five months ago now, the sandblaster's did do a nice job, but there were a few paint runs in it that we needed to get out, so we did this and decided for extra protection to red oxide. We started off with a brush around the many rivets and hard to get to places, and then used a foam roller which gave a nice finish, when we do the top coat we will use a spray gun.
  11. Looking for slat grill rear axle.
  12. Have done nothing as we are unable to access the truck for obvious reasons at the moment. These pics were taken a few weeks ago before lock down. Stripping front axle, trunion bearings need replacing and felt seals too, three of four of the brake linings were in really good condition but totally soaked in oil! Any ideas where to buy the felt seals please?
  13. Thank you Phil. March 2020, moving front axle to de grease and try to remove stubborn U bolts with no success yet! More parts in primer.
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