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  1. Tidy job gents looking really good
  2. Top job on your axle. How did those wire brush heads hold up wear wise? The bonding straps came up like brand new. The little data plate is really nice.
  3. Looks like tough heavy work. you guys are the right stuff. top job can't wait for more.
  4. Nice one mate. Definatly don't want sand ingress in your seals.🍻 Phil.
  5. This trucks gonna be so clean you'll be able to eat your dinner off it 👌😃
  6. Them washers are pretty chunky 🙂
  7. Looking great I like that shade of O.D. aswell.
  8. Nice photo's keep em coming. great job.
  9. Coming along very nicely thanks for sharing.
  10. Looking great the chassis will come up like brand new.
  11. Great job cant wait to see more and also see the finished truck up close. cheers boys.
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