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  1. They look great when they are in O/D they'll look brilliant.
  2. Brilliant job great attention to detail.
  3. All looking really great bloody good job gents.
  4. I bet that was a bit of a cow getting that to come apart. Happy New Year Lads
  5. Getting there mate looking really good.
  6. Coming along very nicely cracking job gents.
  7. Thats makes sense, you've got to go with the easy route dealing with that weight. Oh Have a Very Merry Christmas. 🍻
  8. Looking great coming together nicely. Whats next front axle ?
  9. Cracking job gents looking great. Bit bloody cold though 🤧
  10. Top job on your axle. How did those wire brush heads hold up wear wise? The bonding straps came up like brand new. The little data plate is really nice.
  11. Looks like tough heavy work. you guys are the right stuff. top job can't wait for more.
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