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Hi folks


Just been reminded to introduce myself. Proud owner of a CVR(T) Sultan, not far off being roadworthy (well, we all have hopeful moments!), Land Rover Series III Piglet, MK12 Bristol Bofors L60/40, a dozen or more ex-Army battery chargers - there was a good reason for collecting them (!) and various odds and ends. The Sultan is my main effort at the moment, and if anybody has any info on Bofors LAA then that would be gratefully received. It is all in the wilds of Aberdeenshire so it is doubtful you will be seeing any of it at Beltring any time soon...


Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum,


Nice to see another Sultan owner about, had mine a little over a year now and can't help but feel they are the most unloved CVRT!

If you need any advice/help PM me and I'd be pleased to help.

Check out my website (see user profile) for some reference pics of mine.




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Seee! Not all the cool stuff is darn sarf :whistle:


Get yerself on the members map


New cleaning rotas will be pinned up later this afternoon once the engineer has been and fixed the photocopier...


Please stop using it for THAT Jack

It wastes paper, the glass cant take the weight and we don't want that sort of thing in the canteen... puts the girls off their bottling up duties :whistle:

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The cracks are starting to appear. The conspiracy is working....after a fashion. I worked with a lady once who was happy to sit on the photocopier after the odd lunchtime snifter. Horrible wet thing it was, the ink used to go everywhere....made by Gestetner of Tottenham. Long gone.

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