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  1. Does anyone have any pictures of or can give me the dimensions of, the Clansman TUAAM mounts that sit on the top of the radio rack in a CVRT Sultan please? Borrow one to copy? Or even a lead on one in a breakers yard somewhere? I am not talking about the Land Rover type rubber mounts but a frame mount of which a Sultan should have two, which probably has the standard TUAAM rubber mounts bolted to it. Many thanks
  2. Link to auction catalogue. 8" howitzer as well. http://www.clarkeandsimpson.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Cheffins-26-September-web-compressed.pdf
  3. There is a seller on Ebay breaking several ex-military versions - "Bedford TM breaking for spares".
  4. They look like the tripod for the Infantry Rangefinder No 11 / 12. http://www.project1944.be/Vickers/Page4/Vickers4.html
  5. Hmm, pretty obvious that a Snatch for example is British. Seen plenty of pics of vehicles with Union flag stickers on them.
  6. It's cold in winter. Also lots of it is mountainous - more cold!
  7. AC 103 M. Green Spark Plug sell them, either through their website or on Ebay. I would be interested in buying a few empty boxes if anyone has them.
  8. Hi I am looking for handbrake brake pads for my Eager Beaver, if anyone can point me in the direction of a supplier, and also postwar military vehicle multi core wiring, brown vinyl wrapped? Thanks
  9. I have two items that I would like to identify where they are used. The first is a weapon pull through, probably for a tank gun rather than an artillery gun (as it is a rope pull through rather than wooden staves). It is has 2 1/4" brush, two sisal sections of 8' either side of the brush, and a round lump of lead at the end inscribed: CM 3268 No 18 C&S 1955 The other is a voltmeter, range 15-30 volts, 1 1/2" diameter, screw fitting, part number: ZA 47562 and also MC 1959. Thanks
  10. Curiously the registration of your 101 is almost the same as my one, just 100 or so different.
  11. £1m over 37 years = £27000 a year, 2 rebuilds at how much? Doesn't seem all that much if you average it out, for an armoured vehicle (if my sums are correct).
  12. I am about to get a set of LR Series steel wheels blasted and powder coated. I specifically didn't want DBG but the original Land Rover colour - LRC1 or LRC001 (BSC381-223 Middle Bronze Green). However the powder coaters are having trouble identifying a suitable colour - what can I tell them to help? Thanks
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