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  1. Does anyone have any pictures of or can give me the dimensions of, the Clansman TUAAM mounts that sit on the top of the radio rack in a CVRT Sultan please? Borrow one to copy? Or even a lead on one in a breakers yard somewhere? I am not talking about the Land Rover type rubber mounts but a frame mount of which a Sultan should have two, which probably has the standard TUAAM rubber mounts bolted to it. Many thanks
  2. Link to auction catalogue. 8" howitzer as well. http://www.clarkeandsimpson.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Cheffins-26-September-web-compressed.pdf
  3. There is a seller on Ebay breaking several ex-military versions - "Bedford TM breaking for spares".
  4. They look like the tripod for the Infantry Rangefinder No 11 / 12. http://www.project1944.be/Vickers/Page4/Vickers4.html
  5. Hmm, pretty obvious that a Snatch for example is British. Seen plenty of pics of vehicles with Union flag stickers on them.
  6. It's cold in winter. Also lots of it is mountainous - more cold!
  7. AC 103 M. Green Spark Plug sell them, either through their website or on Ebay. I would be interested in buying a few empty boxes if anyone has them.
  8. Hi I am looking for handbrake brake pads for my Eager Beaver, if anyone can point me in the direction of a supplier, and also postwar military vehicle multi core wiring, brown vinyl wrapped? Thanks
  9. I have two items that I would like to identify where they are used. The first is a weapon pull through, probably for a tank gun rather than an artillery gun (as it is a rope pull through rather than wooden staves). It is has 2 1/4" brush, two sisal sections of 8' either side of the brush, and a round lump of lead at the end inscribed: CM 3268 No 18 C&S 1955 The other is a voltmeter, range 15-30 volts, 1 1/2" diameter, screw fitting, part number: ZA 47562 and also MC 1959. Thanks
  10. Curiously the registration of your 101 is almost the same as my one, just 100 or so different.
  11. £1m over 37 years = £27000 a year, 2 rebuilds at how much? Doesn't seem all that much if you average it out, for an armoured vehicle (if my sums are correct).
  12. I am about to get a set of LR Series steel wheels blasted and powder coated. I specifically didn't want DBG but the original Land Rover colour - LRC1 or LRC001 (BSC381-223 Middle Bronze Green). However the powder coaters are having trouble identifying a suitable colour - what can I tell them to help? Thanks
  13. It isn't the Light Stone, certainly. However the RAL1002 could be a contender, though looking on the Net for examples there seems to be a wide variety. Time to order a sample and see how it comes out.
  14. Hi Does anyone know what the colour code is for the yellow paint in the Salisbury Plain camouflage scheme? I don't think it is desert Limestone - too orange looking. I have pictures but for some reason they won't upload. Thanks
  15. 4.5 Mk 8 is surely the 4.5" Mk 8 Naval Gun. Wiki seems to bear me out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4.5_inch_Mark_8_naval_gun
  16. Hello all I have been asked if I would like to purchase a 25 Pounder. It has been sitting in a field for a while so needs plenty of work. Any idea what sort of value they have - not really my thing but I can see that it needs to be rescued. It comes complete with a Limber, 1941 dated, and by all accounts a set of accessories. If anybody has any thoughts on the matter perhaps they could PM me - sellers read these pages too! Also there is a Morris 2 Pounder Portee, supposedly, though it now has a huge jib on it. What chassis identification should it have to identify it as such, and where could I find a set of drawings or good photos to aid in a restoration? Cheers!
  17. My mates, just bought it. Turns out it is a complete shed, been very badly repaired and not at all what we were led to believe...
  18. Just out of curiosity, where did you break into the fuel system to put a jerrycan supply, and how? I want to run my Sultan on a jerrycan system as well, but having just refurbished the whole fuel line network I am reluctant to start hacking it about. Thanks
  19. Pontoon off a floating bridge (M2?) or similar by the looks of it.
  20. At £30 per unit I think I will keep hold of the odd one I have! Have to agree though, top class job, though the blue on the floor I suspect may not be the original finish - nice colour though. Now that you have moved it out of the garage did you find the canvas cover for the BSA 300W genset I bought from you?! Regards David
  21. I think there was an article on G503 about someone restoring one - always thought they looked good.
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