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Anyone know what these ancient windshields are off?

Old Git

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Anyone know what these ancient windshields are off? I Found these buried in the copse at the end of my paddock. Have no clue what they're off or how long they've been there, but quite a while I'd guess. I think there was an AA emplacement in this paddock during the war, as it's at the approach run onto a WWII Airfield, not that the two are in anyway connnected but one never knows. They're most likely civilian, possibly wartime, and when I first saw these my initial thought was Austin Tilly or something like that, although to be honest I really don't have a clue but I'm sure one of you will know.  Given that this is Oxfordshire they might be of a Morris or something? Anyone know?





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No body recognises these? Wow! First time you guys have let me down ;-) Seriously though, they are a bit of a mystery. Given their nature I'd hazard a guess that they're either pre-war or wartime. Their size would sort of pre-clude them from being a rear window so they are either the side windows of some form of estate, or a the front windshield off a one of those old Austins with the square window in front, the curves on the bottom and top edge suggest to me a a front windscreen but I can't for the life of me guess from what. 

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The thing is when these were recovered they were in the middle of a big pile of rusted down vehicle. So rusted and corroded that nothing was recognisable in it and any part that we picked up just crumbled in our hands. There was a big headlamp type affair, of the type that one would nomally see mounted on Rollers from the 1920's but it crumbled to nothhing as soon as it was picked up. There were absolutely no etchings whatsoever anywhere on the glass and the state of decay on the metal and the fact that they didn't look at all laminated made me think that whatever it was it must be pre-war. Staring at them again this morning and having another futile search for etchings had me scratching my head again. Then it hit me, they're not windscreens at all.... they're glass shelves for a big -ass drinks cabinet . Where they were found, the pile of scrap around them and the curvature on top and bottom edges all suggested part of a vehicle but, in the end, the more prosaic explanation must be that they are just big glass shelves for a curved drinks cabinet. Now I feel like a bit of an arse! In my defence though I've had these in the shed for a year or so and everyone who has seen them has said the thing to me, "what vehicle are those off?"

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