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  1. As the title says ... anyone in need of DUKW parts ..... might want to check Withams website at the minute as the online auction has a fair few lots of DUKW spares
  2. Try the UK Governments FOI website ( Freedom of Information ) , a search on Google will usually turn up the links ... and having just looked there's a few on there
  3. rdx10

    New Format

    I don't think anyone is suggesting the changes were done for fun . Time moves on and things change, sometimes you have to rewrite a website and unfortunately it seems to be one of those things thats increasing in regularity. That said I can't see anything wrong with constructive comment and surely it's much better that people say something rather than just drift away. As for typewriters, it depends on your perspective ....
  4. rdx10

    New Format

    Unless this is a future development , I'm not seeing it and I've tried in both firefox and explorer browsers . The only way I'm seeing new posts is by using the ' activity ' link which for me isn't a great way to keep up with whats new on here but I appreciate that for some people it might be okay. Edit - okay that'll teach me to log in next time , it's there when I log in but I remember there used to be something called ' todays posts' or similar on the old version of the site which was handy and didn't require you to log in to see the last 24 hours posts
  5. Is this a regular event as a replacement for the DLI museum rally or just a one off ?
  6. There is I think, floating around somewhere on this forum, a post about fonts and stencils . In any event there's lots of information elsewhere online on military fonts and where to find/download them . As an aside for those wanting to make stencils its worth checking what facilities are available locally for you to use . The local Fablab here ( Fablab info can be found via Google ) offers facilities including a decent size vinyl cutter . Videos on vinyl stencils and how to use them can be found on Youtube .
  7. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?26909-Make-your-own-decals
  8. Thanks for the heads up , always liked Volvo 4x4's :-D
  9. As an aside I'd recommend doing a Google search ( other search engines are available ) for anyone needing manuals , I'd certainly do this before splashing out heard earned cash , often considerable amounts of hard earned cash , for manuals that may be in the public domain and freely available online. If you have an American vehicle chances are good that there are manuals out there, occasionally it'll help if you know what you are looking for and in this respect its worth finding a copy of FM21-6 which is a list of publications for training - this gives you lists of Field Manuals, Tech Manuals, Tech Bulletins etc ., FM21-6 in various publication dates can be found online as simply as typing ' FM21-6 ' in to Google search .
  10. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7903-WW2-Manuals
  11. it might help and then again it might not but there are manuals for shelters on the UK Government web site , might be that your shelter is similar plus or minus a few poles but you never know they may give you a few pointers. Go to Google and search for ' shelter general purpose operating instructions ' which will give you the links , top two results are for a 12x12 general purpose shelter and a 9x9 command post shelter , there may be others if you look further in to it. How you craft your Google query determines the search results and if you just type ' shelter operating instructions ' you'll not get the command post link on the first page.
  12. Not sure if any of this helps but ; If you're not aware, commercialmotor . com has an archive section, link is top right of their home page, the archive has copies of articles going back to 1905 . Other resources are archive . org which is good for books, movies and pretty much everything , as an example of whats on there if of interest is ' The Motor Truck ' published 1912 , look through the site and you'll probably find lots more .
  13. rdx10

    BBMF Lanc

    It was there I presume on Friday night ( flying started at 6pm on Friday for a few hours ) as I saw it around 6:40ish Friday night over South Shields ( north of Sunderland and on the coast ) heading towards Newcastle .
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