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  1. Thanks Steve, I think DE&S are at Abeey Wood so it's a fair bet that somewhere in there I will find what I'm looking. Thanks for all your help mate, it is very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the reply Steve, I was more wondering about the process than the actual documentation itself, i.e how and where they kept/organised master copies of technical documents in the days before PC's became commonplace. I'm thinking I've got a better chance of finding it at TNA if I know what format it was stored in at transfer. Probably a forlorn hope on my part! It seems ATSA are no longer a thing either though it may be that they've come under DE&S in Bristol, I've emailed them to find out!
  3. Steve, thanks for that mate, that's exactly what I hoped for. I can now try my hand at finding what I want. Incidentally, do you know anything about/where they kept documentation like P/CES or S/CES. Was it stored on Microfiche or on mainframes before the advent of the PC?
  4. Might be an idea, thanks for that. I shall just go and have a Shufti's.
  5. Does anyone know what happened to ASCA (Army Scaling and Cataloguing Authority), which used to be located on on Ha-Ha Road, Woolwich. IIRC they were still there as late as 2009 but can find no mention of them anywhere now, and MoD Switchboard professes ignorance of all matters ASCA. Presumably they've been merged, renamed, moved or some such thing but does anyone have any concrete info on there current whereabouts/nomenclature!
  6. Agreed, a very useful set off books but some of the errors are very frustrating. That particular error caused me a bit of trouble till I worked it out! We really need a sub-forum called Book errors or something like that. Each new thread is a book title and when someone finds an error in a particular book they make a post in the relevant thread, or start a thread for that book if one does not already exist. Only for reference books, not for every single book ever published mind!
  7. Great thread and has answered a few questions for me re the setup of the winches etc. Any chance of fixing the broken links to some of the photos on pages 1 and 2, or failing that could I ask for them to be emailed to me for private research?
  8. Great subject and just about to pop over to your website to have a look, but before I do I just wanted to say that the 11th Armd Div table posted at the beginning of this thread is wrong for the RE units 13th FD Sqn and 612 Fd Sqn. They are the wrong way round. Easy enough mistake if we assume that 13 Fd Sqn has seniority but in fact 612 Fd Sqn has seniority because it used to be 12 Fd Sqn when it was first assigned to 11th Armoured. It was renamed to 612 Fd Sqn about 1942/43.
  9. I wondered about the Reg as well and wondered if it was just a straight BM for British Military. That said though I think they simply used civilian registration for vehicles in the early days, so maybe it is Beds. Thanks for the photograph, any idea what year this was taken. The do look like RE cap badges but will save it to HD and see if I can't zoom it in Photoshop.
  10. I don't think so. The cap badge is RE, shoulder title is RE (not RCE) and it did, after all, come from the RE Museum archives. Sadly their archives are packed up pending a massive re-org so then can't provide any additional info at this time.
  11. The RE Museum has posted the following image on their timeline and it clearly shows a group of British Motorcyclists/DR's on a 1918 Harley, larking around for the Camera. I wasn't aware that the British used these bikes towards the end of the war and just wondered if anyone had any info on their acquisition/usage?
  12. Can anyone provide some dimensions for the radiator opening on the rear plate of the Morris LRC? Just looking for a sanity check, by my reckoning it's square rather than oblong? overall height of the rear plate too, if available?
  13. Brilliant, thanks for that. I think I've seen something similar somewhere but then couldn't find it again, doh!
  14. Thanks for that Ron, every little bit of info is of use. I do find it odd that there was no 3-view drawing for the frame, almost every other WD bike does seem to have a drawing. Fingers crossed, let's hope someone turns one up. Maybe there's one buried deep in the Triumph archives at Warwick Uni
  15. Hi All, as per the subject line can anone provide a good multi-view / 3-view scale drawing for the Frame of the Triumph 3HW, I sure there must be one in the back of a maintenance or workshop manual? Anyone know of one?
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