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More vintage machine tools


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Don't know what the problem was with the other thread , but somebody "spat the dummy" for whatever reason.


I have a lathe with a interesting history . Built mid 1940 it was ordered by a machinery dealer in Paris France . The lathe was ready to ship but the Germans would have grabbed it , it was diverted to Australia where it was used by GMH the Aust. arm of GM USA


The lathe is metric which is rare as it's a US built Hendey. It is in good shape .



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I'd post your other machine photos here as well. That bloke seems to have gone into meltdown about wanting the thread closed! :wow:


I like your Belt Lacing. I have seen images of it in books but never in the flesh! Any problems with it wearing out/rubbing through?

When we join a belt it is usually the countersunk bolt/button/strap method. It too is less noisy than the staples/alligator for joining.


I have a war pattern 18" LeBlonde turret lathe and an old 1930s/40s British Denbigh drill, alongside one or two marginally newer machines! I'd like a smallish radial arm and/or a mill to add to the collection at some point in the future.



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An old 1950's Denbigh milling machine , I have seen a few of these Denbigh's over here . This one has been abused but its a strong old machine , the collet set is a bonus . I'm a self taught machinist , lots of stuffups but you learn .




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I prefer the smaller stuff that can be easily moved , plus suitable for model making. Normally I go for ex-school that has hardly been used - such as a pair of Boxford shapers.


I have a VGC 'CenTec' miller that I use for horizontal , it has plenty of CI to it - my heaviest m/c tool, I have the very rare vert. head attachment but hardly use it as I have a larger Emco FB miller + other Chinese vertical millers.


This is my prized BCA jig Borer Ex-B'ham University , complete with all collets etc. etc.













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