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  1. Thanks Sean, I've looked at a few other trucks/utlilities, but nothing else has (to me) the appeal of the Humber - they just got the design so right with it, and I'd want something a little bigger than a Champ (I'm a large-ish chap, need a reasonable amount of space in the driver's seat (and prefer tin-tops)... Any other ideas more than welcome
  2. Thanks Clive, no rush I've been out and about so not picked up on this thread!
  3. Hi, I got all three messages, sorry been offline for a couple of days! I'm dissapointed I missed out, but very glad that she's gone to a good home Looking forward to a restoration thread Edited to add - for me the restoration work is a very big part of the enjoyment of old vehicles (or houses tbh ) Cheers, Fatboy
  4. The guy who went to see it last weekend bought it Thanks for all the advice everyone! But at least she's off to a good home, and I'll get back to looking - it wouldn't have been the best timing for me, but that one came up and they're not exactly common so need to grab an opportunity when it arises I'll join thay newsgroup you posted clive, should be an interesting read
  5. Only just seen this thread, but this is a brilliant project - get well soon! A couple of mates & I have talked about doing soething similar, but never got past the pub banter stage Really impressed to see someone making one from scratch!
  6. I'm really after a softskin variant, partially because I really like the look of them and partly because I think a Pig would be a bit much for a first MV (although I guess panel rust isn't such an issue for the Pigs ) I'll see what happens over this weekend, but if it doesn't pan out I'll join up to that newsgroup - I remember there being another couple of restoration projects on Milweb over the last 12 months, wonder what else is out there
  7. Thanks everyone - I've spoken to the owner (seems a very nice chap) and I'm hopefully going to have a look at it the weekend after next, if it doesn't sell in the meantime (there's someone coming this weekend)... I'll bear in mind the advice here, and will have a really, really good look and a very hard think about what I might be taking on... Clive - always good to get snippets of history Do you know any more about its banger incarnation - is that a mk2 Jag upper body or the whole body (less bonnet) bolted to the Humber chassis? Given the weight I'd assumed they are pretty robust
  8. Thanks Everyone, I've had a good read through the Pig purchase document and I'll give the seller a call, and see about going to have a look at it Clive - I don't suppose you could post up/send me a quick summary of the FV1601 dimensions and weights could you, as I think that would help me when getting some transport quotes? I'm not 100% but I think that 3.5 tons is over the capacity of normal recovery trucks... Cheers, Fatboy
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been wanting an MV for years (ever since I got to sit in a Chieftain as an 8-year old ) and really like the look of the Humber 1-Ton pickups (love the swoopy/curvy 1950s styling), and I' finally in a position where I've got somewhere to put one and work on it, and lo and behold, there's one up for sale on Milweb (http://www.milweb.net/classifieds/large_image.php?ad=73546&cat=3) I've done a lot of researching on the web, and details seem to be a bit sketchy (or just hard to find -sorry if this has been posted on here before and I've just missed it!), but what I ha
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