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to buy Gaz 67b is not a bad idea

as you know already

..original ww2 67 are very rare ..i suppose "war time 67 s" 95 % of them have later made ww2 time id


post war 67 b are not very rare

but crated barn finds don´t exist if you want quick & easy project

you have to remember that the 67bs are well used and field repaired several times over the years by previous owners

the car body is simple and quite easy to repair

..nearly all the sheet metal are available except the bonnet, firewall and the front grille

those repro parts are high quality cnc cut and they have all holes ready

Gaz tech is Fords from the twenties so that´s no problem

dash fuel tank is a problem.. at the moment i haven´t heard about russian repros

many of them have been out of use and modified (glove compartment !)

the frame may looks good from outside but probably have nasty corrosion

problems inside the boxed c-rails

....also likely have cracks here and there and could be dangerously weak after 60+ years of heavy use, backyard storage + mud & moisture

the frame is not so good design against corrosion (my opinnion) because both rails are encased ...two 3 mm thick nested c rails welded together

also they have quite a many factory stamped (big) holes and some rivets may be corroded badly , if is not dismantled and the boxed rails opened and the insidesand blasted etc

.... and the frame may have been bent if it is not reinforced by the army work shops in the fifties

that´s why they are usually "modified" , angle iron welded and repaired several times

...but don´t give up !


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Hi Pekka, The search is over. I now have a 1949 GAZ 67B which needs a lot of work and things like the correct wheels, windscreen and fuel tank. The body has been altered but won't be too big a job to bring back I hope. For some reason the grill has been moved forward about 75/80mm as well.


Any contacts in Europe or Russia will be welcome.



Regards Rick.attachment.php?attachmentid=126970&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=126971&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=126972&stc=1

gaz 67b 847z.JPG

gaz 67b 848z.JPG

gaz 67b 820z.JPG

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hi Rick

not bad

no worries

It seems that "67" is in a typical well-used condition with all kinds of civilian modifications ;-)

Check the frame carefully .. I wrote in the past, there may be quite a few cracks




examples of my frame:


(frame upside down)

behind the left front leaf spring bracket there´s a weak point

reinforcement flat bar..... army/ factory upgrade?




cracks ...left front shock absorber bracket ( holes for the old and later mod absorbers)



cracks ...rear leaf spring bracket


left front rear leaf spring bracket ...... heavy corrosion inside that´s why i have dismantled the frame

not catastrophic but observe

weak bending point behind the bracket


front upside down 1.jpg

nimetön 1.jpg

rear leaf spring bracket.jpg

nimetön 3.jpg

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What became of Bill W's GAZ 67 ? It had been captured in Korea and it ended up at Hughes yard at Coburg in the 1960's, it dissapeared then re-appeared and was advertised one Saturday morning in the AGE classifieds used cars. Bill was first out of the blocks and bought it, around late 1970's. It was regularly driven out for the ANZAC day march.

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