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  1. "Brightwells Dnepr" it looks a littlebit like military K 750 B (W)...but i´m afraid and as they say it is an ordinary K 750..sidecars frame and bikes frame are civilian versions but anyway.... if you are not a rivet counter...nice looking repro! pekka
  2. hi maybe this helps to dig out something here they are ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_II_aces_from_Finland pekka
  3. hi if you are interested in British war history in Lappland please read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raid_on_Kirkenes_and_Petsamo my friend said his relative met 1941 in autumn ? two British pilots who were shot down in that attack he met them at the German ? military hospital in Tornio but didn´t remember their names maybe someone is interested about that and knows who they were pekka ...and about the Fokker D XXI in Finland The highest scoring airframe was FR-110, achieving 10 victories; this aircraft survived the war and is on display at the Central F
  4. https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/VL_Myrsky restoration: Myrsky II (MY-14) https://www.vlmyrsky.fi/blogi.html ww2 history: https://www.vlmyrsky.fi/historia pekka
  5. hello old topic interesting Vickers replica tank project any progress ? here´s this morning Yle news story of the Winter War tank battle maybe old finnish dialect words are difficult to understand but try to use copy-paste to google translator https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10035208 pekka
  6. Hi Remember, it is historic , ex Military Armored Fighting Vehicle and maybe the main reason was to to preserve historic vehicles by selling it to the collectors if you convert it to other purposes for example " emergency vehicle " or "riot control" etc. with water cannon and etc DIY bullet proof windows I´m sure You and others aussie AFV owners Get In To Very Big Troubles with Authorities (nowadays here in EU , they are very, very suspicious / paranoiac of...) .....especially if you then get " a brilliant idea" to make action youtube video pekka
  7. hi Rick not bad no worries It seems that "67" is in a typical well-used condition with all kinds of civilian modifications ;-) Check the frame carefully .. I wrote in the past, there may be quite a few cracks pekka examples of my frame: (frame upside down) behind the left front leaf spring bracket there´s a weak point reinforcement flat bar..... army/ factory upgrade? cracks ...left front shock absorber bracket ( holes for the old and later mod absorbers) cracks ...rear leaf spring bracket left front rear leaf spring bracket ...... heavy corrosion inside
  8. Douglas DB-7 Boston / A-20 Havoc (Russian ?) http://yle.fi/uutiset/3-9604845 pekka
  9. damaged thread possibly from gun breech or muzzle break pekka
  10. if it´s not a brake disk/ drum or flywheel hardened armored steel ? or something to do with guns and ammo pekka
  11. old and hardened or failed casting bronze bearing or brass pekka
  12. to buy Gaz 67b is not a bad idea as you know already ..original ww2 67 are very rare ..i suppose "war time 67 s" 95 % of them have later made ww2 time id post war 67 b are not very rare but crated barn finds don´t exist if you want quick & easy project you have to remember that the 67bs are well used and field repaired several times over the years by previous owners the car body is simple and quite easy to repair ..nearly all the sheet metal are available except the bonnet, firewall and the front grille those repro parts are high quality cnc cut and they have all holes r
  13. yes, he certainly does not look well groomed sleek Fallos Deodorantos -class businessman but please look at his hands ...soil & oil, not manicured ....like the majority of us.. i think my opinnion he belongs to HMVF-class,real tankman ;=) pekka
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