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New member with a Beddy


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Dear Colin,


I received your private message, yes I can help you/


Please post a picture of your truck, there are two types of crane (possibly more) for the truck.


Being on the coast and in BC your truck will return to the ground very quickly if it is not not stored under cover and away from salt air and moisture.


I guess your might be ex BATUS?

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Thanks all,


And thanks Robin!


Do you currently have one or more of these vehicles?


I'll post a picture soon. As to the truck's history, I don't know much, but BATUS seems the most likely. It is left-hand drive if that's any indication.


Corrosion is definitely the main threat here. My truck is currently in good shape that way but I'm worried about the cab. Everything rots before your eyes (except 6061 aluminum). I have some strategies to combat rust, but it requires extreme vigilance. Lanolin based coatings are pretty effective if you stay on top of it. I have a big shop but this beast can't live in there, the door is a mere 11' high, and the crane is too tall.

Maybe a little Bedford barn would be the thing.



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Colin, the main the with an MJ is to keep the rot out of the cab. Cab gutters / roof seams, door bottoms, footsteps, front lower quarter panels, window and screen surrounds, cab mounts, floor areas and box sections, access hatches and wheel arch seams - in fact, pretty much every seam - are all areas to watch.

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