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Found 21 results

  1. hi guys, i have an airport crash tender based on a heavy duty Bedford MK chassis modified by reynolds boughton. i wanted to replace my tracta seals and clean my spheres but all the seals i can find have only six bolt holes in ? mine has about twelve bolts holding it on ? it looks like an mk axle and definately has mk brakes/wheels. i wondered if any bedford experts may recognise the tracta housing as possibly off a heavier bedford, maybe TM ? kind regards ....Rob
  2. Bedford 28hp cylinder head Wanted must be crack free 07544 583862
  3. I am looking at buying a Bedford OY/D and I was wondering if any one could tell me when it was built and if its a OY or a OYD. Do records exist? Thanks Tyler
  4. Hi My name is Colin. I live on an island off the west coast of Canada. I've got a hard-working and much-loved 1984 Bedford MJ with a crane that I'd like to know more about. I'm excited to be on this forum!
  5. Popped along to this small show today as I'd never heard of it until this morning. Nice setting of an old furnace next to a canal & surrounded by woodland. Plenty of smart steam & traction engines, tractors, cars & a few MVs as below. My take the Militant along next year.
  6. Hi all i'm a total newbie to military vehicles but am the proud owner of a rough but working Eager Beaver... what a device it is-driving it is a whole new adventure!, but its pretty useful around the place and I would like to restore it a little Anyone who has worked on them or in posession of a workshop manual would be really helpful to know... i know its constructed around 2 Bedford 4 x 4 front axles but dont know what the axles were from, and would really like to know if any vehicles using these axles had a diff lock fitted, as this would reall help off road :shocked: - any one know? anyway its a great forum for interesting machinery and i look forward to many happy hours browsing when i should be in the workshop! all the best Nick
  7. Hi Im in Iceland and parts are very expensive to get up here ( with the postage and high tax as we are not eu) i have a Bedford MK and im looking around for parts in Iceland, ive seen some TK around from the 70s and possabley even the 60s, do you think a gearbox from a TK would work for a MK there is also a lot of old green goddesses around...any chance some of the parts from that would be usefull for a MK
  8. So I have a Bedford MK/MJ with the standard bargrip 12.00 x 20 goodyear tires, i want to know if there is a european size equivalent...as im in Iceland. eg the new metric sizes also im prity sure i could change to 11.00 x 20 or 14.00 x 20...but does anyone know for sure... but the main thing is...is there a euro/metric size that will fit bedford rims
  9. I was going through an old shed and came up with Farmer's Weekly 9th April 1965 (50 years ago). Apart from the Jackson's fencing advert, a Kent company that has gone from strength to strength, the Farmer of the day was offered all sorts of ex military vehicles. The picture says it all, Austin Champs, Land Rovers from £225, Bedfords and Humbers. What did strike me was the selling off of relatively recent vehicles, anything with Rolls engine (almost certainly a B series) will be not much more than 10 years old. (No Saracens or Ferrets)
  10. Can any one tell me what the correct replacement coil should be for a Bedford OY? I am posting this from the A287 waiting for recovery :cry:
  11. Hi all. Does anyone know the current owner of the vehicle in caption? It currently carries the ERN 18CE73 on the bumper, and would like to find out if it is the correct number for the vehicle. If it is, it's got some interesting history, and would love to speak to the owner about it. I have found a picture of it, apparently taken in 2006, as shown in the shortcut below. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2255/2353946055_e72dfa9a1b_z.jpg The DVLA website lists it as still on the road, so fingers crossed. [TABLE] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Date of Liability [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]01 06 2014 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Date of First Registration [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]17 06 1991 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Year of Manufacture [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]1957 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Cylinder Capacity (cc) [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]4900cc [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]CO₂ Emissions [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]Not Available [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Fuel Type [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]PETROL [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Export Marker [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Vehicle Status [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]Licence Due to Expire [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Vehicle Colour [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]BEIGE [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableleft]Vehicle Type Approval [/TD] [TD=class: vehicledetailstableright]Not Available [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Regards Martin
  12. I think I did post a couple of early pics on my introductory post, however, now I have brought PGW 326 over here and had chance to take stock, I can pop some more pics up! For more details - I do have a blog which you're welcome to have a look at to see how things do (or don't) progress; feel free to make any suggestions! http://pgw326.blogspot.com/ Following a quick wash, the run across from the prvious owner was both fun and uneventful - getting to know how it all worked etc. A steady 40 mph seemed decent (considering she's done only about 30 miles in the last 4 years, none of which have been on road). The only fault which appeared on the 80 or so mile run across was that the battery doesn't charge which the helpful folk on RSOLES have suggested might be the cut-out relay on the dash, so a bit of work there. Anyway - it's undercover now about 20 miles from home here in Oakham and the kit has been removed for safe-keeping, although there are a few items to get hold of still. I have just bought a ground monitor so that should be fun as and when the pump has been tried! The list of jobs is not great as she's in decent condition really. The odd patch of rust here and there (including on the nose above the wings), the nose needs a t-cut and polish, the early signs of rust on the chassis could do with brushing off followed by some paint, the rear roof needs replacing as the lino has cracked and disintegrated (more lino or rubber or flooring??), the battery charging fault needs sorting and the cab needs a bloody good clean!! Oh, and straighten out the rear nearside light which I bashed reversing ionto a tractor tyre.... The mirrirs have already been done - thankfully. Spafax mirrors are excellent! Most of that I can do myself, however, the brakes do need looking at badly as they stick on when stood even with the handbrake off. A contact has suggested CS Ellis near Oakham (who have a vintage fleet including a red Green Goddess) - which is handy - unless anyone else can suggest anywhere else in the Lincs / Rutland / Leics area? Any ideas welcomed! Cheers, Duncan.
  13. Apologies now for any mix ups, mess ups, spelling mistakes or general lack of knowledge as this is my first posting! First things first - does ANYONE know the whereabouts of a Bedford MWR reg DEL399 these days???? I restored this little truck back in he early eighties and sold it to a guy in Warminster in probably '83 or '84 (I can't really remember, the old grey matter isn't what it used to be!) I've never seen or heard of it since and just wondered whatever happened to it? Secondly, I am considering selling my current Military vehicle - a 1963 Dodge W200 Powerwagon (Fargo style or Sweptline style) ex USAF Ambulance. Its a pretty rare truck and worthy of a good home. She did drive well (ask my brother about scaring buses) but hasn't been on the road for a few years now. "Needs a bit of work" I think is the official description! Any interested parties let me know and I will organise further details and pics etc.
  14. I have a lockheed LM 15092 brake master cylinder that I would like to put on ebay but not sure of the vehicles this will fit. Have seen them for sale for Jeffery Diamond Grader and Bedford, can anyone tell me what type of Bedford. Also, it looks like the one on the Ferret? unfortunatly it's in a sealed bag so no photo. Thanks Mike
  15. :red:Nice to have found the site. Been involved (or should that be in love?) with a Bedford Green Goddess for about 5 years. We are out together most weekends but because of the price of petrol we don't travel as far as we used to. The GG always behaved herself until very recently when she let go of the fan belt pulley, busted the oil seal and sent oil every where excepting where it should have been. And this is after I teated her to a new set of boots! GG loves giving rides to people and children and she enjoyes this at many week end events, around Suffolk. GG in based in part of a barn at Hitchin in Suffolk and she used to travel a 100 miles or so to support events. Now the distance ids down to about 30 miles. GG has been given a new roof covering and had electronic ignition fitted (she wouldn't start when hot, now she does) and had a repaint two years ago. I think that another repaint is required which may be carried out once the weather improves as I don't like working outside in the cold and wet. Well that's all I'm saying at present! Goldie
  16. Hi Can anyone recognize the marking of this Bedford MK, it was released by the MOD in 2001, it looks like it has a tiger claw crossed with a bayonet...maybe it doesent mean anything, but it would be fun to know a little about its history, but i dont have time or energy to go chasing up the military museums, I belive its in desert paint...but even that im not sure about
  17. Hi Ive recently got a Bedford Mk, its been downrated to 7.5 by svtec, but to my eyes, the back of the truck is not level, looks like the box on the back is to heavy, (box says its somthing like 4.3 ton...dont know if that true) but it has a new MOT as a caravan, so i get thre MOT guys would have spotted somthing up... Im in Iceland now with the truck...and next year off to Africa....the truck will probley never get to England again...so im nt worryed about the legal downrated stuff.. but is there a way to easly fix this....i dont care if its rated 7.5 or 10 or 100,000ton im off to Africa...this stuff does not matter,just i want to avoid as many snaped leaf springs as possable Any Ideas...i cant seem to upload photos...so the are some here on my site http://vikingsacrossafrica.webs.com/apps/photos/ Any sugestions would help...i cant workout what svtec took out
  18. hello there, just introducing myself. recently bought a bedford MK with atlas crane and power steering for forestry and green oak timber framing applications, and thought i'd register here to be able to ask the inevitable questions that come with such a purchase, such as ' why is my brake pedal crashing into the drop arm on the steering block?'...
  19. Hi, My name's Alec and I have a problem, namely a slightly unhealthy interest (obsession) with Bedfords, since riding around in my Dad's in the 60s. I currently have 3 TKs, one of which is an ex Army Dustcart (often referred to as a Chip Fryer), an HCB Angus Fire Engine and a Post Office "Pole Erection Unit". I'm down in sunny West Sussex and am still looking for the right MJ. I did have an ex Reserve Stock left hand drive one for 2 days, and a civvie M Series Cherry Picker for a while. I do have am MJ cab, that I can sit in and dream! I have quiet a few spares for TKs and TLs and have some useful contacts for Bedfords. Unfortunately I can be easily persuaded to buy more Bedfords, just don't tell my wife. Looking forward to reading more on the forums and perhaps seeking some advive, possibly even providing some.
  20. Hi Im Garry a English guy living i Reyykjavik Iceland , I own a Bedford MK 1977, next year i plan to drive it with some other travellers to southafrica from 66 north to 33 south http://vikingsacrossafrica.webs.com/
  21. Hello from Suffolk- Ipswich to be precise, After a lot of looking and soul searching and parting with some beer vouchers, I've just taken over the care of a '43 Bedford MW GS truck, that has been in Kent for a long time, she fits into my garage (just!) and i'm looking forward to using her for rallies and various other things next year. The garage is now full to bursting point....i've had to farm out my motorbike for a while (and I shall have to get rid of my MGB- but she is a real garage queen so I'm not so worried there!) I'll be running her as much as I can, I know theres another in Ipswich or near, as i talked to a chap with one at the Martlesham Heath Control tower Battle of Britain weekend thing. mike
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