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  1. Wow. This forum is a game-changer for me! Thanks you guys. I'll get back on here when I have looked things over better. One question: 80-90w goes in the diffs and gearboxes?
  2. Hi All My 84 Bedford MJ is making noise while 4 wheel drive is engaged, and the truck is moving, off of pavement. It could be described as a 'whirring'... Its not too loud and is consistent through speed changes etc. Also, the hub is weeping oil on one side, on the outside. I haven't yet worked on one of these trucks and I'm going to start to tackle this, so I'm looking for any guidance people here may have. My first move is going to be pulling the diff cover and having a look... Right? Thank you Colin
  3. Thanks all, And thanks Robin! Do you currently have one or more of these vehicles? I'll post a picture soon. As to the truck's history, I don't know much, but BATUS seems the most likely. It is left-hand drive if that's any indication. Corrosion is definitely the main threat here. My truck is currently in good shape that way but I'm worried about the cab. Everything rots before your eyes (except 6061 aluminum). I have some strategies to combat rust, but it requires extreme vigilance. Lanolin based coatings are pretty effective if you stay on top of it. I have a big shop
  4. Hi My name is Colin. I live on an island off the west coast of Canada. I've got a hard-working and much-loved 1984 Bedford MJ with a crane that I'd like to know more about. I'm excited to be on this forum!
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