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Links have all gone green!

Sean N

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Picking colors for a web site or any publication can be difficult REDs and GREENs can be particularly difficult as these are the primary colors most affected if you have any color blindness. Color Blindness is primarily a male thing.


Tried to find a good source on the web of specific shades which are best and which are worst but did not find a good web site on the topic.


Do know that for some people this can be a real problem particular when REDs and GREENs are used on a color back ground. Have a friend who is a soccer referee and he has had problems when some one used red orange line paint on grass he could not see the lines.


Thanks to our web master for all his work in keeping HMVF an enjoyable place to share information on MVs. Keeping a forum like this running smoothly is not a small task. Again my thanks for all your hard work.


Cheers Phil

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