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Storage Brighton area, and a lowloader to War and Peace

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:-) well, as said, I may know of somewhere local to me, (hailsham)......I know he does storage, (mine lives there) so I can approach him, if you like.

Reason for asking questions, where it is, accessability, whilst ok during the day, 9-5mon-sat, 10-5ish sun, any other times is a no no.

If still interested, give me a yell.



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As a plea! can anyone help with brakes and get me back on the the road?


I have to replace a wheel cylinder, bleed as well as hoses and get all good! and i have 2 days off in the week to do it?



But you can do it yourself, Paul.


Buy 4 brake hose clamps & shut down all the hoses.


If the pedal is not stiff then you have a problem up the servo/master cylinder end.


If the pedal is stiff you have a problem in a wheel cylinder(s). So release each hose in turn until the pedal goes soggy then you know where the culprit(s) is/are.


Do pressure bleeding, then you can do it all yourself without an assistant. Get on with it, 2 days is fine. In 2 days I have just removed the transfer box, serviced another & fitted it. :-D



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Well i have replaced a wheel cylinder! as it has been ruined by some inferior bleed nipple i bought at a online brake place! shall not name them!


It has widened the thread and seeps fluid through the thread when bleeding!

so a culprit!


now i have to tackle the other wheel cylinder which im 90% sure is leaking into the wheel drum! so replace the cup in the cylinder and new shoes.


Then i shall test the lines with clamps and bleed if thats the case! i have from the 12-24th july off! ill get the Pig to WP if i have to machine the parts myself!!




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What power bleeder will fit the Humber brake header/res?


As i didnt think any would come with a good fitting for the Pig?



Don't bother with fancy bleeding kits etc


Get a bicycle inner tube.

Cut it into two leaving 6-8 inches near the valve.

Tie a knot in the end near the valve.

Fill up your resevoir.

Stretch the other end of the tube over the resevoir rim.

Although it is a tight fit you must clamp it on with a jubilee clip.

Pump air into the tube so it is approaching double its diameter.

Then start bleeding until there is no air coming through the bleed tube. Do it in sequence starting with the servo & front pipes working to the furthest away to last.


After each component bleed. Release the air in tube. Top up resevoir & pump up again. If you don't use a jubilee clip when pressurised you will blow brake fluid all over the place.


Do you need another brake cylinder shell or is that one you got at Overlord ok?


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