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  1. Well done getting in there, one of my fav sites that one
  2. The Queens Royal Hussars were only formed in 1993 so it surprises me that this badge is on here unless an ex QRH owned it at some time! Before 1993 you had the Queens Royal Irish Hussars and the Queens Own Hussars. Hope that helps
  3. Nice one where are you storing it now?
  4. I'm going with Paul Connor this year so see you all there. Ha ha the terrain on Sailsbury Plain is great a lot more fun when you have a GPMG with a few thousand rounds to play with
  5. We would of welcomed it after we arrested one of the Croats
  6. After looking into it they were brown on paper but as so many people have said units do what they want!
  7. It was getting that way when I was there on Friday I'm going back up tomorrow morning
  8. Lots of stupid people driving through the mud rather than on the road
  9. Ha ha I'm taking my rover car (not my landie) down there later!
  10. Cruise missle launch plus someone with video editting software = a nice video
  11. I saw it guessed they would be part of our movement
  12. War and Peace rules say no axis uniforms to be worn anywhere other than in the living history areas. As a british reenactor why not make it no uniforms in the bar? As with removing head dress the amount of people smoking, drinking alcohol and eating while wearing their head dress... Nevermind rant over lol lets all drink and get along
  13. Great show again shame it was rained off the last day. Met too tall mike for the first time too. A few problems with violence this year that we've never had before but we will probably be back next year
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