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Humber Heavy Utility Ambulance

Ian L

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Nice enough vehicle, have seen it before.

had arranged to look at it today but got let down waiting for the lorry driver picking up the searchlight down near Dover :(


if only I hadn't brought another british project ;) I'm running out of space :P


Don't forget to save some space for your Morris PU project! Chassis is here when you want it mate......

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It is a reconstruction built by a previous owner probably in last 15/20 years


having agreed on that it is a 'reconstruction' it is still a very fair price in order to start with a good ? chassis, engine and running gear.

finishing, if done properly with a vehicle worth twice that in any format, Box, PU or Ambulance .



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This Humber was built/constructed by an old friend the late (sadly missed) Dave Rowlands from Wetherby ,Yorkshire 20 odd years ago. He was a Humber collector and one of his last builds was a Humber LRC Which the body was scratch built.



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